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Devin Nunes blasts Democrats for rejecting GOP impeachment hearing witnesses



Representative Devin Nunes is annoyed. One might say he’s been in a constant state of annoyance ever since the Democrats took over control of the House of Representatives earlier this year, but he’s been especially annoyed by the whole impeachment debacle brought forth by House Democrats. He was annoyed when they ran a covert investigation by calling witnesses to the basement in Capitol Hill. But “opening” the impeachment inquiry to the public and to Republican lawmakers hasn’t made Nunes any happier. Why? Because House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is already restricting who they can call and what they can ask.

At the top of the list of people Republicans want to call is Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. Their reasoning for wanting to block it is that he’s not relevant to the case. It’s an utterly ludicrous argument when we consider he’s the catalyst behind the whole debacle in the first place. It was Hunter Biden who worked on an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian energy company’s board, Burisma. It was Hunter Biden’s company that lobbied for a meeting with the Obama administration a month before Joe Biden strong-armed the Ukrainian government into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Yes, Hunter Biden is critically relevant to the entire impeachment inquiry.

Then, there’s the whistleblower himself, someone who may or may not be Eric Ciaramella (it is). Schiff is saying his testimony isn’t relevant because it would be redundant. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant, especially when we see Schiff himself calling witnesses to give redundant testimony. The reason Ciaramella’s testimony is important is the same reason Schiff doesn’t want him to testify. If Republicans are allowed to publicly dig deeper into not Ciaramella’s history as an anti-Trump opposition pawn, the foundation of the entire impeachment inquiry implodes.

But Schiff may have personal reasons for not wanting the whistleblower to testify. According to our EIC, Schiff himself may have orchestrated a whole lot more than he’s letting on. In fact, he may have committed several crimes in trying to manipulate the whistleblower before he even became a whistleblower. According to leaks, Schiff’s team “counseled” the whistleblower to file a complaint.

It should raise alarm bells in every American’s BS-meter that the subject of the Ukrainian call (Hunter Biden) and the initiator of the inquiry (the whistleblower) are not going to be allowed to testify. What is Adam Schiff hiding?

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