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Eric Ciaramella should be fired since he currently has no whistleblower protections



Eric Ciaramella Fired

The anonymous whistleblower who broke the alleged wrongdoings of President Trump is protected by whistleblower laws from receiving retribution for blowing the whistle. That’s exactly as it should be, otherwise few would blow the whistle. The whistleblower should not be allowed to be fired from their job because that’s the ultimate form of retribution. But here’s the thing. So far, the whistleblower’s identity has been kept secret. With no specific whistleblower to protect, alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella can be fired.

And he should be, not because he may or may not have blown the whistle but based on everything we’ve learned about him so far, this man has no business handling sensitive information of any kind. He’s a known leaker and is in direct opposition to the White House’s foreign policies. It’s one thing to dissent or criticize. It’s another thing altogether to attempt to subvert from within, which is exactly what Ciaramella has done the last three years. Therefore, if he’s not going to claim protections as the whistleblower, his now-unearthed track record should be enough to have him fired immediately.

Ciaramella was removed from the National Security Counsel for leaking sensitive information. He was removed from the White House for starting the false rumor that Russian President Putin ordered President Trump to fire former FBI Director James Comey. The list of other things he allegedly did to counteract the White House’s policies is long, and while most of it is unconfirmed, it’s enough to open an investigation into his activities and determine what other damage he’s done in his time under President Trump’s administration.

Some would say the optics would be bad. I disagree. The optics may initially seem like retribution against a whistleblower who doesn’t admit to being a whistleblower, a man whose name won’t even be published or mentioned by mainstream media. But unless he’s willing to come clean and claim whistleblower protections, he has nothing. As long as his firing is based on his known track record separate from his alleged involvement in the Ukrainian whistleblower incident, there is no legal basis for him to retain his job. Firing him would allow his track record to be put into the public eye. Once people see he has made a living the last three years trying to take down President Trump, the optics will shift back in favor of the White House.

He could, of course, come out as the whistleblower, in which case the White House would be forced to allow him to keep his job. That’s his choice, a choice he should be forced to make.

If Eric Ciaramella is not the whistleblower, then the evidence against him separate from the Ukraine incident is compelling enough to warrant his release from service. If he’s the whistleblower, let him officially come out and claim protections.

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