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The Bible Project: How to read the Gospel



When we delve into Biblical teachings, we often go after “advanced” topics. We are not a church and the majority of what we publish is political or cultural rather than spiritual, so when we tackle Biblical topics we often do so assuming the reader is already immersed in Biblical understanding and simply needs clarity on complex subjects like prophesy, the sabbath, or understanding subtleties often missed in the Biblical message.

It behooves us to sometimes focus on the basics. A great new video from The Bible Projects tackles arguably the most important basic lesson for those considering or just now beginning their journey down the Biblical path. Titled, “How to Read the Gospel,” it breaks down some of the themes associated with the books of Luke, John, Matthew, and Mark, the four books in the New Testament known as the Gospels. Some may take for granted that reading and knowing the Gospels is, of course, necessary for appreciating our salvation and knowing our Lord and Savior, but it’s important to not let the basics slip through the cracks.

One of the first lessons they teach is to read the Gospels all the way through. They are relatively short books; even with cross-referencing they can each be read and researched in 2-4 hours. Deeper study is recommended for each, but going from verse one through to the end and taking the time to dig into particular verses is not only recommended, but also fairly easy to do.

They then go into the themes of each individual book. They may all tell the same basic story, but there are reasons for having all four available. They also have different purposes. This is required because understanding the Gospel is not a flat endeavor. It has many layers, making it extremely important to take in the Gospel as a whole and to continuously read through them from time to tine.

Our understanding as believers can be enhanced when we take the time to understand not just what the Gospels say but also why they say them. We are flawed creatures, but we have access to the perfect through the Bible. This is a blessing we should not ignore.

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