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America needs to know what Adam Schiff is hiding



America needs to know what Adam Schiff is hiding

It doesn’t matter which side of the impeachment debacle you’re on. If you’re being honest about its origins and you’re knowledgeable about what has transpired to date with the impeachment inquiry, you’ll certainly want to know what Representative Adam Schiff is hiding. He has been involved with every facet of the inquiry from well before the alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella filed his report.

Schiff’s credibility isn’t aided by the fact that he blatantly lied about his involvement from the start and only revealed how deeply entrenched he was in it when it was leaked the whistleblower contacted his office before contacting the DNI. Then, his secret hearings in the basement of Capitol Hill proved to be a bad enough look for the Democrats they were forced to bring it out into the open, at least partially, going forward.

Now that House Republicans have vowed to make Schiff their first witness to question about the impeachment inquiry, many more questions arise. Will he testify? Probably not. Will he record a deposition? Possibly. Will his testimony and/or deposition be answered truthfully? This is the biggest question.

House Republicans plan to call Adam Schiff to testify in impeachment inquiry, say he is ‘fact witness’ Republicans plan to call Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as one of their first witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump following the adoption of formal rules for the investigation, claiming he is a “fact witness” due to his office’s early involvement with the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the proceedings.

A source familiar with Republicans’ strategy moving forward in the impeachment inquiry confirmed to Fox News on Monday that GOP members plan to call Schiff, D-Calif., for questioning — even if they are unlikely to succeed.

Schiff maintains that he has not personally spoken with the anonymous whistleblower. However, it was revealed several weeks ago that the whistleblower at least had early contact with his office, essentially giving them a heads-up about the complaint concerning Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president.

There is no doubt that he’s a “fact witness.” It would be absurd for him to deny it since he was so deeply embroiled in the series of events that followed President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. But here’s the thing. He holds all of the cards. The resolution the House passed with only Democrats and an Independent voting in favor grants Schiff and Representative Jerry Nadler full control over which witnesses Ranking Members of the Intelligence and Oversight committees are allowed to call.

Will he be so bold as to exclude himself? Absolutely. He really has no choice since testifying publicly will either force him to reveal damning information about the entire impeachment debacle if he tells the truth, or perjure himself if he chooses to lie. When he denies Republicans permission, he’ll do everything he can to spin it as inappropriate, desperate, or whatever adjectives he wants to use. Will Americans see through this ploy? Will they want to hear his answers to questions from Republicans?

The answer to both of these questions should be an unabashed, “Yes!” Of course they should see through the partisan political nature of the impeachment inquiry and its disingenuous premises. But more importantly, we should hear the Congressman explain his actions and choices. It isn’t just his multiple lies about not even knowing the name of the whistleblower or the likely scenario that he and/or his team assisted the whistleblower in composing his complaint. The bigger issue is how much information has he kept from the American people. What exculpatory evidence or testimony does he have in favor of the President but that he’s unwilling to release for the sake of the Democrats’ political narrative?

Keep in mind, everything is now riding on impeachment for the Democrats. Not only do they have ideologically challenged presidential candidates vying for the nomination, but Democratic members of the House itself would be made to look like fools ahead of an election year if they’re unable to make a clear case the President participated in “high crimes and misdemeanors” regarding his dealings with Ukraine.

It would be ludicrous for Adam Schiff to claim he’s not a “fact witness” in the inquiry since he knew everything about it before the whistleblower even filed his complaint. But appearing to be ludicrous is the least of Schiff’s concerns.

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