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Democrat Power Rankings July 2019 (Top 10)



Democrat Power Rankings July 2019 Top 10

1)  Elizabeth Warren

Playing nice with her most alike Bernie Sanders was strategically vital. Bernie supporters are most likely to hop over to Warren, the leading candidate in the Socialist region. With the majority of the Twitter echo chamber claiming she won the second Democrat debate (night 1), it’s likely she will get a bump after destroying the likes of the progressive John Delaney. Her campaign has organization, that appears to have unraveled that of Bernie Sanders in 2016, which is perhaps her greatest strength next to her general wonkiness. What is really appealing about Warren this early is her high ceiling.

2) Joe Biden

100% name recognition and being Obama’s VP. You would think those are his greatest strengths, but these are merely factors that contribute to his greatest strength. Despite self-emasculating himself in the first debates, he isn’t done yet. He’s senile, creepy, and unoriginal, but he has a weapon Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to have: a hood pass. This unexpired token is keeping him afloat, the only thing. The ultra-loyal black Democrat vote seems more interested in nominating a Confused White Man than one from the Intersectionality Region like Harris, Booker, or Messam (who?). As long as Biden has a hood pass, he gets away with racist statements and holds a large percent of the black vote.

3) Kamala Harris

She’s a cutthroat who will do anything, and that comes with strong implications, to win. But she just isn’t likable. Despite being a black woman, she just doesn’t have a strong base of support among the intersectional Left. Her voting base is the flash in the pan, like Ben Carson in 2016 or Herman Cain in 2012, until she can prove otherwise.

4) Bernie Sanders

He just isn’t dead yet, and that is not a comment about his age. Being the OG American socialist is his most appealing thing about him. This is Elizabeth Warren’s biggest challenge. Still, should she slip, he’s poised to reap some of the benefits, but his ceiling is caving in. But overall, the only reason he ranks four is because no one else has risen above him.

5) Pete Buttigieg

CNN and other Leftist outlets have propelled his campaign. However, how real is it? Buttigieg’s campaign hasn’t shown to have the organization necessary to run a national campaign. His obvious disdain for actual Christians is just a reminder that he has little to offer other than being the first gay President. But the intersectional Left hasn’t backed him, instead Kamala Harris seems to win their affection. With no real qualifying experience, there is enough dirt from his mayoral background in South Bend, Indiana to create a minefield to prevent his campaign from gaining.

6) Tulsi Gabbard

Polls don’t really matter at this point. Tulsi Gabbard is invested in Iowa and the investment seems to be paying off. She was the most searched candidate in Iowa before and after the debate. With a truncated primary schedule, Iowa is a key race for stemming momentum later on. There is reason to doubt the organization of Gabbard’s campaign outside of Iowa, but after two debates, she is the candidate people are looking into.

7) Marianne Williamson

Back in May, I wrote about how she was the thought leader for a New Age cult and a force that could make a splash in the primaries. And that has come into fruition. She may be crazy, but she is sharp and sounds remarkably different than the other politicians. In 2016 we saw a strong sense of antiestablishment voting, and Williamson is poised to take in that vote. Her interview with Dave Rubin demonstrated just how potent her campaign is. Her polling in New Hampshire is also not shabby. Either way, her campaign isn’t pretending to be stronger than it is.

8) Beto O’Rourke

His biggest strength is name recognition caused by past media love. His weakness is being an empty suit. The voters have seen through that. Despite having organizational potential, he seems to have no ability to go up from here, especially since he is going full Swalwell.

9) Andrew Yang

Despite having a low ceiling of Elon Musk fanboys, Andrew Yang has some organizational capacity, especially in Iowa.

10) Julian Castro

The Democrats appear to finally be establishing standards for making it to the debates. And Castro is on the cusp of making the cut. He has a long way to go but perhaps his early announcement led to him developing a ground game that is a viral really good debate performance away from kickstarting.

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