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Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Ten things you should know about socialism



A video presentation on socialism and why it should be avoided like the plague.

This is a presentation from economist Thomas J. DiLorenzo on the societal slavery of socialism presented at the recent Mises University. Mises University is an annual event teaching the precepts of Austrian Economics.

This is long form lecture on the societal slavery of socialism, based on Professor DiLorenzo’s book: The Problem with Socialism. This and the other lectures are well worth listening to as a way of becoming informed of the re-emergence of the hideous organised evil that is socialism [oops, did we say that out loud?]

Knowledge is power, the more we know about the accursed collectivist ideologies. The better we can counter them in the debate over the course of the nation. This is why it is imperative that we patriots become informed about what we are up against, view and share these lectures for the good of the country. Unfortunately, we can’t detail the entire lecture, but these are some of the highlights:
[From the auto generated transcript -emphasis added]

1. [03:39] “Destruction is the essence of socialism. It produce produces nothing it only consumes what the social order based on private ownership and the of production has created.”
Ludwig Von Mises, socialism

2. [05:33] socialism will destroy your economic future.

3. [10:15] You cannot fix socialism.

4. [17:53] Most people don’t know that fascism is a form of socialism fascism. Socialism, communism it’s all the same gang as far as I’m concerned, they’re all collectivists.

A question I’ve always asked as people would ask me isn’t communism different from socialism and the answer’s no. For the Soviets the name of their country was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They didn’t call themselves the Union of Soviet communist republics. Communism was the Utopian ideal that they hoped to achieve in 500 years, but in the mean time they’re all socialists. they called themselves socialists so it’s the same thing so don’t fall for that and of course, Hayek in the road to serfdom pointed out that all the fascists of the 20th century, Mussolini’s and the rest they all started out as socialists.

Of course the word Nazis National Socialism and so the Russians call themselves International Socialists the German socialists call themselves National Socialists, but they were all socialists just a different variety. They all had in common in the literature of the fascists all it attacked liberalism classical liberalism.

The main bullet points of liberalism:

  • Private property
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Equality under the law
  • Inequality of income
  • Limited government
  • Tolerance

These are the ideas that were attacked very voraciously by Mussolini himself and Hitler and the Nazis because they understood who the enemy was.  These were the ideas that lay the groundwork for the acceptance of markets and capitalism and private property . You can’t have capitalism and private property and markets if people don’t understand the virtues of them.

[20:55] Hayek noted in the road and the road to serfdom he said this the dominant feature of Nazi Germany was a fierce hatred of anything capitalistic individual profit seeking large-scale enterprise, banks, joint stock companies, department stores, international finance, and loan capital and the system of what they called interest slavery

[21:35]The Common characteristic of the Nazis was their anti-liberal an anti-capitalist trend they even adopted the slogan “The end of capitalism” as their accepted Dogma.

5. [23:54] Hayek pointed on the Road to Serfdom, in Germany they nationalized about the Nazis did about half of all industry and then the other half was so heavily regimented and controlled and regulated. That it was de facto nationalized.

That’s probably the big difference between Soviet socialism and the German and the Nazi socialism is that fascism allowed a degree of private ownership, but it was heavily controlled and dictated you know what it would do would be dictated by the government by the state so ownership was not really private ownership since the state controlled everything

6. [25:30] Inequality historically is far worse under socialism than under capitalism

It’s never it’s never been true that equality is even a desirable thing because of course we’re all different

7. [27:10] The only way you can move in the direction of trying to force equality is with a totalitarian society. You can never have equality because human beings are not equal.

As Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who gave made the point that you know God made all human beings unique just like he made all stones unique stones are all different. Every stone is different nothing you can’t find two stones that are the same, but humans can make bricks identical.

Do you want to think of yourself more as a stone or a brick?

8. [32:08] Scandinavian countries are about as socialist as the United States is. One of the myths out there that the Bernie has been spreading is that we need to be more like Sweden you need be more like Denmark since Scandinavian countries they’re more socialists you know democratic socialism he says there’s a huge

The index of economic freedom it’s published by several different groups the Fraser Institute in Canada,  The Heritage Foundation publishes an index of economic freedom every country in the world is ranked.

The more that you safeguard private property, the rule of law, minimal government, minimal regulations lower taxes you get a higher rating.

They come up with an index number for every country

The United States is twelfth at 76.8, Denmark is 76.7 so we’re about as socialist as Denmark Sweden and Finland.

9. [ 36:21] Socialism has caused the worst pollution problems in the history of the world

10. [41:16] Socialist welfare harms the poor, there’s a lot of literature about how welfare destroys work causes family break-up and so forth.

Walter Williams asks: What would you call a system in which one person is forced with the threats of kidnapping and imprisonment to work for the benefit of another person?

It usually takes about five person seconds for someone to say would be slavery. Then of course he describes the welfare state, what else would you call that when the average American works until May to pay taxes for mostly for the benefit of other people. That’s what the welfare state has done

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‘Godfather’ star Gianni Russo on Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo’s rant



'Godfather' star Gianni Russo on Chris 'Fredo' Cuomo's rant

When CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was filmed delivering an unhinged rant to a heckler at a restaurant, one of the things many people took offense to was his declaration that the term “Fredo” was to Italian-Americans as the “n-word” is to African-Americans. This has been completely debunked since then with guests on his own show using the name to refer to Donald Trump Jr. But that didn’t keep CNN from backing their guy.

TMZ caught up with Gianni Russo, a star from The Godfather who told the reality of the situation from three unique perspectives. First, he said it wasn’t a racial slur and clearly referred to the weaker brother, a perspective he understands as a star of the film. Second, he knows the Cuomo family well and couldn’t believe Chris would have said that. Third, knowing father Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York, leads him to believe the elder Cuomo would have smacked his son had he heard him say what he did.

No real repercussions are expected against Cuomo from his employers at CNN.

Here’s a video from TMZ of Russo’s perspective:

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Do Omar, Tlaib oppose LGBTQ rights like the Palestinian Authority?



Do Omar Tlaib oppose LGBTQ rights like the Palestinian Authority

Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib want Israel to be boycotted, divested, and sanctioned. They want the Democrats in the House of Representatives to take Congressional action against Israel. They want to drive a wedge between the United States and Israel. Most importantly, they want Israel to no longer exist, replaced by the Palestinian Authority and a “New Palestine.”

Do they also support the Palestinian Authority’s ban on LGBTQ activities? Do they agree with the anti-LGBTQ tenets of the Muslims organizations the Congresswomen support?

In a society in which the media handled things in an unbiased manner, these are questions the press would be asking Omar and Tlaib following the Palestinian Authority’s ban on LGBTQ activities in the West Bank, an area where Tlaib’s grandmother lives and where she petitioned to visit before declining to do so after Israel allowed it.

The press should ask them if they support the Palestinian Authority’s move against LBGTQ individuals:

Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank

The Palestinian Authority banned members of the Palestinian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community from carrying out any activities in the West Bank.

The ban came after the grassroots group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society (Arabic for “the bow”), which engages and supports Palestinians who identify as LGBTQ, was planning to hold a gathering for its members in Nablus at the end of the month. The group operates both in the West Bank and among Arab-Israelis.

Both Tlaib and Omar claim to be supportive of LGBTQ rights. But they also have a not-so-subtle attachment to the Palestinian Authority and are actively working to put them in control of all of Israel. Does that mean they would approve of their ban of LGBTQ individuals “from the river to the sea”?

While many in America’s LGBTQ community continue to support and often partner with Islamic groups to help their friends in the Democratic Party, others in the community have spoken out against the anti-LGBTQ policies Muslim majority nations impose on their people. This needs to be addressed by LGBTQ leaders; they can’t (or at least shouldn’t) ignore the plight of the international LGBTQ community for the sake of political expediency.

The Palestinian Authority’s ban on all LGBTQ activities in the West Bank should be a point of contention that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib need to reconcile. But they won’t. Mainstream media will bury the story and nobody will ask them how they feel.

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Dan Bongino calls out Antifa for what they really are



Dan Bongino calls out Antifa for what they really are

There’s a strange series of contradictions within the Antifa movement. They claim to be anti-fascist, yet their actions can only be categorized as fascist suppression techniques. They claim to be against racism and misogyny, yet they intimidate any minority or woman who doesn’t agree with them. They pretend to be brave, yet they hide behind masks.

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino knows a thing or two about fighting fascism, stopping bigotry, and being brave. As an outspoken commentator and former Secret Service agent, Bongino has done more to defend this country and promote the proper ideologies we need in order to prevent fascism from ever rearing its ugly head here. He’s also no fan of Antifa.

As he notes, the real agenda of Antifa isn’t anti-fascism. Their name really implies they’re anti-FA – First Amendment. Even as they fight “hate speech,” they do so in ways that are designed to suppress our freedoms to speak. They’re quickly becoming a parody of the old progressive movements, albeit more dangerous today.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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