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Why conservatives overestimated Pete Buttigieg candidacy



Why conservatives overestimated Pete Buttigieg candidacy

A month ago, he was the hottest Democrat candidate for President. Now he appears to be a flash in the pan. Conservatives largely overestimated what turns out to be a major blowfish. So let’s cast our net and dissect this fish of a candidate named Pete Buttigieg.

Pete’s meteoritic rise featured months of being on television steadily building likability among CNN’s most devoted watchers. He has been able to raise large sums of money. Yet in these strengths hides his very weakness. Twitter is not real life. CNN’s ratings are poor. Polls cannot be trusted when a race is competitive. Pete Buttigieg is running for President… of social media.

The truth is far more cynical than we realize. Americans are largely uninformed. They couldn’t name four Supreme Court Justices, their own Congressman, or ten US Presidents. They don’t know who an AOC is. Want evidence: Ralph Northam in Virginia is still governor. Why? Because despite how his Klan mask picture was all over the news, the general population of Virginia doesn’t know about it. In elections, it’s not policy that’s determinant of a primary, it’s name recognition. How many Americans actually know who Pete Buttigieg is?

Pete Buttigieg has wisely recognized this weakness. Like Michael Avenatti, he lunges in front of any camera he can find. He can be the President of CNN, but nobody watches CNN. Buttigieg’s strength of distribution is also a weakness because it’s not expanding his actual base. He’s covering up the fact that he has no real or proven ground game. In order to win actual primaries, he needs to do that. In order to do that, he needs a lot of ground game and name recognition. Pundits speculated that Pete Buttigieg marked the end of Beto O’Rourke, but Beto O’Rourke has a proven ground game, granted it’s cost inefficient. And so when Joe Biden announced, the candidate with the most name recognition, he now commands the meaningless polls. So he question now is, can Pete Buttigieg mobilize his base beyond what Joe Biden can? And my answer is I don’t think he has his own base, no more than Ben Carson did in 2015. You don’t go from being a mayor of nowhere to being nominated for President.

But during his flash in the pan, there was much reason to be concerned. But the concerns are more culturally pressing than politically pressing. If Buttigieg were to be nominated, the country would be bullied into voting for someone just because they are gay. There will be another fatwa of Rainbow Jihad waged exclusively on Christians and some Jews. But this phenomenon, while bad, isn’t new. It’s a shame Christians are largely on a losing streak, save for Jack Phillips. The biggest concern is strictly cultural. Buttigieg is an apostate Christian, one with a bigger platform for the heretical Social Justice Gospel than a random professor from the Union Seminary. Bottom line is Pete Buttigieg isn’t a Christian but claims he is, believing it’s completely compatible with his homosexual lifestyle. The Bible makes it clear in the book of 1 Corinthians that it’s not compatible to be a homosexual among other sins and a Christian. But often the Social Justice Gospel rejects the words of Paul or, in this specific context, conjures an argument about consensual monogamous homosexual relationships being biblically passable.

If there is one message the bible repeats throughout the Old and New Testaments, it’s repentance. The Old Testament prophets preached repentance. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus not only preached repentance, he calls us to higher standards than the Jewish law. Peter’s first instruction to the new believers on Pentecost was repentance. The Social Justice Gospel, in which there is no doubt Pete Buttigieg will play a substantial part in promoting, rejects repentance. It rejects sanctification. Its doctrine is that you can be Christ like without being sanctified because, after all, Jesus was a wonderful teacher. Its mission is rectifying victims according to their intersectionality ranking through government entitlement programs. Its Jesus is a Palestinian.

Progressive Christianity is no Christianity at all, just a mere Social Justice Gospel. If there is no need for repentance, there is no real need for Jesus. Pete Buttigieg is a messenger for the Social Justice Gospel and that is his most threatening feature, not his ability to win the Presidency.