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Ralph Northam refuses to resign



Embattled Virginia Governor Ralph Northam will not resign following widespread calls for it from both Republicans and Democrats. Most Republicans want him gone based on his defense of late-term abortion as well as comments he made that seemed to endorse a form of infanticide. Democrats want him gone because of a racist photo that appeared on his yearbook page.

Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is facing even louder calls for his resignation as two sexual assault allegations have been made against him by credible women. Now, the third most powerful politician in Virginia, Attorney General Mark Herring, is also answering questions about his use of blackface as a younger man.

Virginia is in a state of political turmoil, but nobody seems willing to step down from their posts.

Mainstream media seems torn on the issue. On Face the Nation, Gayle King, co-host of CBS This Morning, said following her interview with the governor that he seems sincere and ready to move Virginia past the scandals.

My Take

If Justin Fairfax didn’t have the sexual assault allegations against him, there’s zero doubt in my mind that the calls for Northam to step down would be much louder. Instead of a young, up-and-coming Democratic star ready to replace him, there’s a man whose accusations against him are much more severe than the ones plaguing the governor.

Virginia made a horrible mistake by electing so many Democrats to office. It isn’t just the scandals. It’s the leftist policies that these people are supporting that is turning Virginia away from their Constitution-supporting recent history.


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