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Can Kamala Harris take on a real hitter like President Trump?



Can Kamala Harris take on a real hitter like President Trump

In the first Democratic debate, Joe Biden was the recipient of Kamala Harris’s sneak attack. She was prepared to swipe at the frontrunner and essentially called him a racist, as she is wont to do against competitive male Caucasians. She came out looking strong. But the second debate was a different story. Not only did she take a couple of hits, but she demonstrated an inability to get back up after getting knocked down.

As a former California GOP Chair Tom Del Beccaro declared today, she has a “glass jaw.”

The brutal attack on Harris came at the hands of Tulsi Gabbard. It wasn’t anything about policy, but history that gave Gabbard a line of attack. Harris was a prosecutor as District Attorney of San Francisco and then California. She built a record of incarcerations, extended sentences, and hidden evidence that could easily make one assume she was a racist, a Republican, or both if they looked only at the actions and not the actor.

Biden tried to hit her on it earlier in the night, but Gabbard delivered the real shot to the jaw.

Harris had opportunities to respond during the debate. She had open opportunities to respond after the debate. But even CNN’s Chris Cillizza acknowledged her post-debate showed a poor face for Harris.

“That is not a good look. For any candidate. Ever.”

Here’s the problem. What Gabbard and Biden hit her with is child’s play compared to the attacks she’s going to get from Republicans and President Trump if she’s the nominee. In fact, neither Harris nor Biden seem up to that challenge. The other three frontrunners seem to be better suited to handle full-blown Trump attacks. Pete Buttigieg’s demeanor is a foil to Trump’s bombast while Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are in a constant state of righteous indignation that any Trump attack will only perpetuate.

Biden seems weak. Harris seems petty. They’re arguably #2 and #3 on the updated “power rankings” of Democratic candidates behind Warren. If Warren falls, the two next in line don’t seem up to the Trump challenge.

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