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Tucson CBP Chief Roy Villareal gives tour of ‘concentration camp’



Are migrants being forced to drink from toilets, as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims? Are conditions so bad at migrant detention centers that they need to be shut down and CBP must be eliminated, as Ilhan Omar says? Or is border patrol doing the best it can with the funding Congress gives it to make migrants being detained as comfortable as possible?

The answers can be found in a short video posted by Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal from the Tuscon Sector.

There are few things in government that need more funding. Most departments and agencies need their budgets cut dramatically. But given the state of the border crisis and the influx of migrants crossing the border illegally to make bogus claims for asylum, CBP is the exception. With so much waste in DC, it should be pretty easy to make the necessary cuts elsewhere so money can be redirected to solving the crisis. This should be a no-brainer, just like the notion of loading up immigration judges at detention centers to expedite claims while they’re still in custody.

Even with insufficient resources, it’s clear from this video that the detention centers in the Tucson Sector are comfortable enough. The problem isn’t with providing comfort and security for migrants. It’s an overcrowding issue that stems from the antiquated Flores agreement and is exacerbated by Democrats blocking all forms of border security.

AOC can tell her lies. Ilhan Omar can call for the elimination of CBP. But when they’re done insulting the collective American intelligence, our problems at the border persist. Thankfully, people like CBP Arizona’s Roy Villareal are working to end the crisis.

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