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Ilhan Omar wants CBP eliminated, proving the open borders goals of radical progressives



Ilhan Omar wants CBP eliminated proving the open borders goals of radical progressives

Ask one of the Democratic Socialists in Congress whether or not they’re for open borders and they’ll change the subject. Piece together everything they’re saying and all the policies they’re proposing and it’s clear they’re 100% in favor of open borders. The latest stab at achieving their goal comes from Representative Ilhan Omar.

When she’s not posting anti-Semitic Tweets or avoiding questions about marrying her brother, the Congresswoman from Minnesota is usually busy embracing radical policy proposals. Her latest jab was directed and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the law enforcement agency tasked with keeping our borders secure. She doesn’t want to punish them like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or tie their hands behind their backs like Nancy Pelosi. Omar doesn’t want them to exist at all.

No other law enforcement agency is directly tasked with capturing illegal border crossers. In other words, eliminating CBP would be an embrace of open borders by default.

Just like her friend, AOC, Omar has been trained to offer these radical ideas without discussing the repercussions. This is by design; radical progressive change can only come if the people aren’t considering the consequences. The only world in which Democratic Socialists have an opportunity to convey a message without challenge is one that is solely driven by emotion. They have to be shocking with their radicalism because half-measures simply don’t work in their world. This is why they cannot compromise. It’s why they won’t attempt to fix problems like the “concentration camps” at the border. Instead, they can only call to eliminate them.

Open borders as a policy is extremely unpopular among American people, which is why Omar and her cronies only speak about specific steps without framing it as an issue about the borders themselves. They can spark emotion by calling out the “atrocities” perpetrated by the CBP, then offer the false solution of eliminating them. But because this only works on an emotional level, they must keep the specifics to a minimum and the repercussions are always ignored.

Ilhan Omar is not a patriot. She is not qualified to be making decisions on behalf of American citizens because she does not truly love America. She wants to transform it into the vision that her puppetmasters have given her. She is dangerous.

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