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If AOC really cared: 3 actions to truly help migrants in ‘concentration camps’



If AOC really cared 3 actions to truly help migrants in concentration camps

In a debate, the proper course of action would be to challenge the premise by which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made her case to denounce the “concentration camp” migrant detention facilities along the border. But since chances are slim she’d ever debate me (or anyone) on the issue, I’ll start by stipulating that the conditions at these centers are far from ideal. After all, I’m not trying to win a hypothetical debate. I’m trying to offer actual solutions to a problem that clearly exists even if the extent of one aspect of the problem is overstated.

If the problem is overcrowded facilities, overburdened border patrol agents, and too little resources to handle the mass of humanity that is crossing our border illegally every day, then here are three actions that could be taken immediately by Congress that would make things better for everyone involved.

Over-fund the solution… for now

AOC has declared she will not support spending a dime on fixing the migrant detention centers. This may seem like a contradiction to most; she complains about conditions but will not offer funding to improve the conditions. But it’s not a contradiction at all when we learn her ultimate goal (at this early stage of the Justice Democrats’ conversion of America into a communist state) is to end detention of migrants altogether. She wants them given whatever they need when they get here. Then, she wants them given a hearing date for their asylum claim which they likely won’t attend. From there, they should be released directly to the interior. Yes, that’s exactly what she wants to happen. No detention. No background checks. To health screening. Give them food, money, and a bus ticket to where they want to go.

But let’s, for the sake of argument, assume that we’re still a sovereign nation that will exercise its right to know who is entering the country and what threats they may pose to American citizens. That being the case (for now), we need to be able to detain migrants after they’re apprehended. Considering how many are coming across daily, it behooves us to utilize triage-style funding to get things in order.

I’m never a fan of spending. The government already spends way too much. But the cost of not properly handling and housing migrants will, in the long term, be greater than the cost to fix the immediate issue at hand. These are human beings, and while we can argue all day that the vast majority of them do not qualify for asylum status and therefore shouldn’t be released to the interior or detained, the laws say what they say. We must comply and enforce those laws, which means we need to do what we can to make sure they are kept safe, healthy, and relatively comfortable. I’m not suggesting we should put them up at the Hilton and give them a number for room service, but it makes sense to keep them healthy. Some are truly qualified asylum seekers, and those people should not be punished because of the mass of people taking advantage of our asylum laws.

Until the next two solutions are implemented, Congress should give border patrol a blank check with the understanding that oversight will make sure the additional funds are not abused.

Again, this is temporary. As soon as the real problems can be fixed, the blank check gets rescinded. But right now, we’re in triage-mode. Things are truly that bad.

Increase asylum judiciary 50-fold if necessary

Do you want to know what would cut asylum claims by 50% or more? Make asylum hearings happen in near-real time. Today, asylum hearings are happening months, even years after the initial claims are made. This is why many (most?) of them come. They sign up for asylum, do their time in detention, and then are released to the interior where they can disappear.

What if the hearings happened WHILE they were being detained?

It would be expensive at first, but again the cost of locating them after they’ve disappeared into the interior and failed to come to their asylum hearing is much higher. We would need a temporary triage judiciary to split into two groups: those who try to whittle down the tremendous backlog of asylum claims by migrants who have already disappeared into the interior and another group that works at the asylum detention centers themselves to grant or deny claims while they’re still in custody.

Deportations would rise, of course, since the vast majority of those claiming asylum would not qualify.

The number of migrants making the dangerous journey would drop dramatically because they’d know there is a very good chance they would get here and be sent back home three weeks later.

Change asylum laws to stop enticing migrants

If we don’t want to get into the high costs mentioned above, then we must change the asylum laws. The whole reason we’re seeing record numbers is because they believe they can circumvent our sovereignty thanks to the loopholes present in laws. It’s enticing, knowing there’s a great chance they’ll be released into the interior at some point following their crossing of the border.

This is why they’re willing to spend their life’s savings to pay rapists (better known as cartel goons) to “guide” their families along the treacherous journey. It sickens me that men would be willing to put their wives through the torture, or mothers would be willing to subjugate their children in such ways, but they often start their journey not knowing what’s really going to happen to them. They also go in thinking there’s more available to them here than there really is. This is all part of the propaganda disseminated by the various open borders organizations who are using these people to set a precedent. This is why they lie to them. This is why they entice them. They have an agenda to promote. It’s not about the people they make suffer today. They’re just collateral damage to AOC, many Democrats, and the open borders groups (see George Soros).

Their mentality sickens me. If children are raped along the way, so be it. If families are dying while trying to swim across the Rio Grande, the left knows the media will blame Trump. So be it. The heinous motivations of the people in power for these radical progressive open borders causes never take into account the human toll.

Whether now or later, we must change the laws that encourage migrants to make the dangerous trek. With Democrats unlikely to make the change, we’re back to the first two solutions as being necessary immediately.

Congress could solve these problems for migrants and American citizens alike. But AOC doesn’t want solutions. She wants migrants to keep risking their lives, only to be released unabated. She endangers lives to promote the Justice Democrats’ agenda.

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