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Ex-NYPD commissioner calls on FBI to name Antifa as a terror group



Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. They may not be officially named as one, but they clearly should be. Their attack on Andy Ngo and others in Portland last weekend appalled many, but because they’re already associated with terrorism, nobody who’s been paying attention was shocked that it happened. These masked cowards have no boundaries as they hit people in the back of the head with crowbars.

Bernard Kerik, former Commissioner of the NYPD, made it clear on Fox News last night that Antifa is a terrorist organization. He laid out the series of events from the past weekend and showed why, by the dictionary definition of the term, “terrorism” is exactly what they’re doing.

They claim to be anti-fascist. But in nearly every video of their activities on the streets, they demonstrate their thirst for the very fascism they pretend to oppose. These are angry people fighting for what they think is a cause, yet they do nothing but disrupt, intimidate, mock, destroy property, and commit acts of violence.

Antifa must be labeled a terrorist group. They have no other purpose than to intimidate and commit destructive acts. If that doesn’t qualify as terrorism, then the designation itself is meaningless.

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