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Guns and Crime

Can we sue the authoritarian left for endangering us with gun control?



Can we sue the authoritarian left for endangering us with gun control

Part 1. Making the case for legal action against the liberty grabber leftists for trying to deprive the people of their unalienable human rights.

Ongoing events keep on proving that liberty control doesn’t work and that it only renders the innocent defenseless in the face of terrorists, criminals and tyrannical governments. Meanwhile the Supreme Court is opening the flood gates for another nonsensical legal assault on the arms industry.

Thus, we have the question on the taking of legal action against the authoritarian socialist left for endangering everyone with their farcical restrictions on liberty. These are based on the absurd idea that depriving the people of their unalienable human rights somehow protects them.

It’s unlike those frivolous cases meant to harass and take down industries that have nothing to do with the actions of the lawless. The authoritarian left is directly culpable due to its direct actions and its socialist national agenda.

The many facets of the case against the liberty grabber left.

There are many facets to this case in that different part of the nation’s socialist left are culpable on different levels. We will attempt to document them all but the central point is that the left is responsible for endangering the public with their absurd concept that controlling freedom somehow protects the people.

These are just some of the facets of the case:

  • The false premise of liberty control.
  • The practical failure of liberty control.
  • Destruction of societal, cultural and moral underpinnings by the left.
  • Direct deprivation of the right of self-preservation with the liberty-free zones.
  • Media contagion from the left’s exploitation of mass murder tragedies for their political gain.

The false premise of liberty control.

The overall rationale for liberty control is that taking away the rights of the innocent will somehow keep the guilty from committing acts of evil, that somehow imposing more restrictions on freedom will control those who ignore these restrictions.

The obvious flaw in this premise is that this merely controls those that pose no threat while empowering those that are truly dangerous. We need to hold leftists accountable who would endanger everyone with these absurd ideas while they cower behind a cordon of men with guns.

The practical failure of liberty control.

These concepts have a devastating effect in the real world in Caracas, Chicago and other urban centers were the innocent are the only ones that are disarmed. A non-emotional analysis shows these schemes make no sense on either a theoretical or practical basis.

Leftists are nothing if not creative in coming up with excuses for why their Utopian theories never work. No matter where these failures take place, they can always manage to point to some surrounding area as the source for guns or some new restriction that magically solve the problem of societal violence.

The incessant practical failure of their farcical ideas of disarmament never seems to sway them in their fervent emotional beliefs. The problem is that these have deadly consequences for the people. The fact is that criminals will always find a way to get weapons. Liberty control only serves to endanger the innocent, necessitating the need to hold the purveyors of such laws accountable for their actions.

Destruction of societal, cultural and moral underpinnings by the left.

The authoritarian socialist left is also generally responsible for the destruction of the culture. As is typical the liberty grabber groups are part of this larger cadre of collectivists making them culpable for this as well. Thus, any legal action on this basis would also be directed at these same political groups that are taking advantage of the havoc they have brought upon our society.

It is a fact of history that repeating firearms were in common use reaching back into the 1870’s, while semiautomatic firearms were in a similar place at the turn of the last century more than 100 years ago. These guns were readily available to the public without any restrictions long before the emergence of this phenomenon.

There was nothing of this recent phenomena back in the 1870’s. Similarly, these didn’t take place at the turn of the last century more than 100 years ago. This leads us to the logical conclusion that despite the lies from the left, the problem isn’t really the ‘ready availability of guns’.

Since it’s not the availability of repeating or semi-automatic firearms, then something else must be causing the problem. Something that has taken place in the past few decades, long after repeating or semi-automatic firearms were developed and in common use.

So, if it’s not the availability of guns, then it has to be what the authoritarian socialist left has done to the culture and its moral underpinnings. This is the change that took place in the past few decades that has caused some to snap and decide to kill. Recent tragedies have shown that the availability of guns doesn’t matter; those bent on these destructive acts will use edged weapons, explosives, vehicles or anything else to wreak havoc.

The primary difference aside from what the left has done to the culture is that their draconian restrictions on liberty have deprived the innocent of ability to fight back. This makes the authoritarian left doubly responsible for these tragedies, with their restrictions on freedom making these attacks from their destruction of the culture more deadly.

Direct deprivation of the right of self-preservation with the liberty-free zones.

We also have the aspect of the case stemming from demands from the authoritarian socialist left to deprive the people of their unalienable human right of self-defense. This ranges from overall cases of liberty control to depriving teachers of this right in addition to so-called gun free zones. The latter allows for the all-to-commonplace situation of only the mass murderers being armed.

This one aspect of the case is the most egregious example of all. Leftists have the absurd notion that a sign will stop a criminal bent on mass murder. The fact is mass public shootings keep occurring in liberty free Zones: 94% Of Attacks Since 1950.  One mass murderer admitted in his manifesto to choosing a particular location because it was a liberty free zone.

The problem for them is that if they admit that liberty free zones don’t work in the case of a specific structure or area, the same would hold true in a general sense, negating the rationale for liberty control. Consider this circumstance: Leftists would rather keep people vulnerable in these gun ban zones than let them exercise their unalienable human rights. They would rather put people at risk than admit to their mistakes, demonstrating their craven malfeasance. This is the prime reason for legal action to be taken against them.

Media Contagion perpetrated by the press organs of the national socialist left.

Studies have shown that overarching coverage of mass murder attacks tends to cause more attacks. A prime example was the extensive coverage attack last August of a mass murderer with a leftist mindset that lead to another attack by a leftist in Ohio.

The fact is these tragedies tend to be clustered together with the wall-to-wall coverage of one inspiring the next. The studies on media have recommendations on how to mitigate the phenomena of media contagion, but were they to do this it would minimize their exploitation of someone else’s pain for their political gain.

It’s one thing for the national socialist media to dispassionately report on the details of a mass murderer once. It’s quite another to plaster their name, image, intimate details and ‘manifesto’ across the screen 24/7 for weeks, squeezing every last bit of emotion out of tragedy for their attainment of power.

They have to know by now that Media Contagion is a real phenomena and that they have been cynically exploiting someone else’s pain for their political gain. The studies have shown a direct correlation, rendering the media culpable for second-hand attacks, if not all of them.

The bottom-line.

The authoritarian socialist left is more responsible for societal violence on several different levels than mere adverts for rifles. It is time for those of us on the pro-liberty right to take this into consideration and consider legal action against the left.

Much like their use of liberty to obtain political goals, they only pretend to be Democratic in letting the people rule themselves. They clearly intend to use any means necessary to attack our unalienable human rights, therefore it’s time to fight fire with fire by using legal action in opposition their incessant assault against freedom.

In Part II We will discuss the targets of these legal actions.

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