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Will Chamberlain unravels the Democrats’ impeachment report



Will Chamberlain unravels the Democrats impeachment report

Presumptions. Innuendos. Outright lies. These are the tools used by the House Intelligence Committee during their two weeks of public hearings on the impeachment of President Trump. Chairman Adam Schiff and his cohorts followed up by publishing an egregiously misleading report that mainstream media is trumpeting as the silver bullet. But any American with a brain who actually reads the report will see glaring falsehoods and third-hand assertions proclaimed as “evidence.” In the end, it all amounts to a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Human Events EIC Will Chamberlain took some of the more glaring “stupid things” from the report and set the record straight on Twitter. He limited it to a handful of points. If he tried to handle it all, we’d be waiting longer than we’ve waited for the Inspector General’s FISA report. There are just so many stupid things in it.

At the heart of this is an unambiguous ploy by Schiff to change the failing narrative that has sunk impeachment’s support in the eyes of most Independents and the vast majority of Republicans. There was a slight majority of Americans who supported it before the truth came out. Once it was clear they had nothing that actually proved their basis for the inquiry was valid, support for impeachment plummeted. Now, Schiff is doubling down on lies to try to attract whatever remnant of potential support he has left.

Here’s how Chamberlain broke it down on Twitter:

This is the part of the report that actually attempts to change the way our government operates. Democrats are calling into question the President’s power to hire and fire who he sees fit for ambassador positions. It’s ludicrous; as Chamberlain points out, all ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President. Moreover, the notion that his actions threaten foreign policy is unhinged, as it is the President of the United States who sets foreign policy. It’s like saying a head chef undermines his dish by firing his sous-chef for not preparing it properly.

Democrats are banking on the mainstream media parroting their assertions and the American public being dumb enough to buy into them. They have no substance. There is no evidence. Their premises are completely flawed.

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