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Kamala Harris is out



Kamala Harris blames private companies for not fixing Californias infrastructure problem

Kamala Harris, the California Senator who appeared destined to be one of the top contenders when she started her quest for the Democrat presidential nomination a little less than a year ago, has officially suspended that effort.

The announcement comes after news reports of fundraising difficulties and the slashing of campaign staff, as well as the release of a heated resignation letter penned by Harris’s former director of Iowa operations, who accused campaign manager Juan Rodriguez of mistreating staffers and basically running the campaign straight into the ground.

Admittedly, I thought at the beginning that Harris would be in it for the long run and ultimately prevail, as she checked all the boxes that Democrats seemed to demand:  young, throughly liberal, and not another white male.  Her presence wore pretty thin as time went on, however, and by the time Tulsi Gabbard took her apart for being a hypocrite on prison reform, the bloom had most definitely fallen off the rose.  Now she gets to head back to DC, broker but probably none the wiser, where at least she can sit through a potential impeachment trial without having to worry about spending time away from her foundering campaign.

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