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Why aren’t the media and the Left held to blame for mass shootings?



Why arent the media and the Left held to blame for mass shootings

It’s time that we properly place the blame for societal violence on cultural Marxism and Media contagion.

The second mass murder tragedy in a 24 period perfectly demonstrates how the media and the Left [But we repeat ourselves] cynically exploit ‘serious crises’ for political gain. They are always quick to blame free speech or inanimate objects while forgetting their culpability. For decades, they have debauched our society’s moral underpinnings with Cultural Marxism while encouraging follow-on violence by Media contagion. Two such attacks in such a short time span are a perfect illustration of the problem of media contagion, that will be the main point of this discussion.

The problem of Media Contagion in causing mass shootings.

It’s become an all too familiar pattern, despite the falsehoods from the national media and the Socialist-Left there have been long stretches of time between the occurrences of societal violence. Then out of the blue a mass murder attack takes place, causing the socialist media/socialist Left to fall all over themselves to rush out and exploit someone else’s pain for their political gain.

While the elite of the socialist-Left compete to make the first pontifications on how we should have already confiscated guns, the socialist media begins wall to wall coverage of the tragedy, being sure to publicize the miscreant’s name, image, history, erstwhile manifesto and anything else they can think of. We are made to know all there is to know about the mass murder ad nauseam on every channel.

Then lo and behold, another mass murder attack takes place and the exercise repeats itself. Astoundingly enough, media personalities who are smarter than everyone else [just ask them] will suddenly lose their intellectual faculties in not realizing they have contributed to the crisis in trying to cynically exploit it. In the psychology field, this is known as Media Contagion, and it is endemic in how the Left and the media exploit these serious crises.

It’s all in the Liberty Grabber playbook.

As reported in Forbes magazine, the Liberty Grabbers put out a publication on how to exploit tragedy for crass political gain: Exploiting Tragedies, Dem’s Gun Grab Guidelines Emphasize Emotional Assaults Over Facts.  While it’s well worth reading and understanding the publication, including some suggested ‘examples of powerful language’ that are staples in the #GunControlNow threads:

  • “It breaks my heart that every day in our country (state or city) children wakeup worried and frightened about getting shot.”
  • “The real outrage – the thing that makes this violence so unforgivable – is that we know how to stop it and we’re not getting it done.”

The section on how to handle ‘High-profile gun violence incidents’ is very enlightening given how these tragedies are currently being exploited.

  • When an incident such as these attracts sustained media attention, it creates a unique climate for our communications efforts.

[Emphasis added]

Please note the rather interesting ‘unique circumstances’ language in the overview, clearly even the Liberty Grabbers know these are isolated incidents, but we digress.

These are a couple of pithy examples of their ‘guideposts’:



How many of those items have been utilized by the Liberty Grabbers on the Left in the last day or so? How many times have we seen this pattern?

These are breaking stories to be sure, but the media and the Left are extremely ‘selective’ in what to cover and overwhelm the viewer. For example, back on July 13 a man armed with a rifle and incendiary devices attacked a Federal building in Tacoma, Washington as reported The Epoch Times, a few days later a man shouting Man shouting ‘You die!’ killed 33 in Japan anime studio fire.

How well were those tragedies covered? Did the media cover it as much as they did with other foreign stories of mass murder? Was the first instance a case of the wrong type of perpetrator? Could it be that the second case was virtually ignored because it didn’t involve pushing the Left’s obsession over gun confiscation? Do we even have to mention the regular death toll in urban areas of strict Liberty Control run by the Socialist-Left?

Studies on Media Contagion prove the point.

This study asked the question: Does Media Coverage Inspire Copy Cat Mass Shootings? 

Violent events are often covered by news outlets in great detail and spread immediately through mass media and social media. Experts believe that this media coverage can inspire others to copy these actions or commit similar crimes.[1] This is called the media contagion effect, and it happens with suicide, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings.

Studies indicate that the more media attention a shooter gets, the more likely the event will inspire a future mass shooter. For example, a 2015 study found that after a mass shooting, there was an increased chance of another one occurring in the next 13 days.[7] A 2017 study found that media coverage of a mass shooting may increase the frequency and lethality of future shootings, but the contagion period might not be within the first two weeks, but instead might inspire the frequency of mass shootings in the future.[8]


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[Emphasis added]

A paper presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention asserted that: “Media Contagion” Is Factor in Mass Shootings

DENVER — People who commit mass shootings in America tend to share three traits: rampant depression, social isolation and pathological narcissism, according to a paper presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention that calls on the media to deny such shooters the fame they seek.

Johnston and her coauthor, Andrew Joy, BS, also of Western New Mexico University, reviewed data on mass shootings amassed by media outlets, the FBI and advocacy organizations, as well as scholarly articles, to conclude that “media contagion” is largely responsible for the increase in these often deadly outbursts.

The prevalence of these crimes has risen in relation to the mass media coverage of them and the proliferation of social media sites that tend to glorify the shooters and downplay the victims, Johnston said.

“We suggest that the media cry to cling to ‘the public’s right to know’ covers up a greedier agenda to keep eyeballs glued to screens, since they know that frightening homicides are their No. 1 ratings and advertising boosters,” she said.

[Emphasis added]

The Bottom Line.

The evidence showing the Left trying to exploit tragedy for its own crass political gain has actually encouraged further attacks in a cynical, self-fulfilling prophecy. Events do have to be covered, but not in a selective manner to push the gun confiscation part of the Left’s socialist national agenda. It also doesn’t have to glorify these mass murders fostering further on attacks.

We’ve shown in previous articles that the Left carries a great deal of culpability in causing these tragedies, they should at least take responsibility for their actions as well as minimizing the Media Contagion that keeps the news cycle of death in operation.

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