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A third run by Hillary Clinton would hasten the growth of Democratic-Socialists



A third run by Hillary Clinton would hasten the growth of Democratic-Socialists

As things sit, history will not be kind to Hillary Clinton. When our grandchildren’s grandchildren have Wikipedia beamed into their heads through whatever technological monstrosity the future holds, they will see a woman who was scorned by her presidential husband, scorned by another president she served, and then scorned by President Trump. Most importantly, she has been scorned by voters. But as former Clinton adviser Dick Morris pointed out in October, she thinks “she was put on Earth to be President.”

Hillary Clinton Still Refuses to Rule Out Running For President“Right now, I’m not, at all, uh, you know, planning that, I’d have to make up my mind really quickly,” she said, “because it’s moving very fast.”

Back in October, long time Clinton advisor Dick Morris insisted that Hillary will become the Democratic nominee because she believes “she was put on Earth to be President.”

“Make no mistake. She wants it,” said Morris. “She’s planning on it. She’ll do everything she can to achieve it.”

Earlier that month, Clinton teased another presidential run, despite having already failed twice, telling PBS Newshour, “Obviously I can beat him again.”

She also fanned the flames of speculation when she tweeted at Trump, “Don’t tempt me.”

Of all the scenarios currently in play, the most appealing for Republicans may seem to be a third Clinton run in which she successfully secures the nomination and is utterly obliterated at the general election ballot box. But is that really what we want? Let’s look at the other general scenarios through a filter of one common prerequisite: a Trump victory. This isn’t about who would be easier for the President to defeat. That’s for pundits who think they can predict how voters think. I’m more interested in the more easily predictable future: Reactions of the various wings of the Democratic Party based on their nominee losing next November.

Scenario 1: A socialist gets the nomination

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are currently splitting the Marxist vote. That statement alone is discouraging as the rise of socialism-curious voters in America has made it possible for one of the far-left radicals to actually win the nomination. Of the three likely scenarios, this is by far my favorite. Why? Because it’s clear this nation needs a very clear reminder of how bad socialism really is, and nothing will drive that narrative better than an entire Republican Party as well as a good chunk of Independents and even Democrats who unite in combating the insane ideology.

We need it. We need the rise of socialism-curiosity to be burned with the fire of an unambiguous trouncing in the general election. If that happens, it will make the Democratic Party stronger in the long run, which is an unfortunate side-effect. But I’ll happily take future fights against sensible Democrats reminiscent of the not-so-distant past instead of the constant bickering with radical progressives bent on our nation’s destruction. It makes for a healthier nation when the two sides are discussing how to fix healthcare instead of whether or not single-payer is viable. Those discussions are a waste of time because (spoiler alert) single-payer in America is not viable.

Scenario 2: A “moderate” gets the nomination

Former Vice President Joe Biden is technically leading the pack in lieu of a truly strong moderate candidate, but South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and businessman Andrew Yang are coming on strong. Of the four, Yang is the only actual moderate, but perceptions have all four labeled as such for now, so we’ll run with that.

There will be a revolt from the far-left if one of the moderates gets the nomination, especially after they lose to President Trump. It could even turn into a full-blown fissure that splits the party into two distinct parties; the Green Party could actually make a case for pulling a good chunk of Democratic voters away from the party that they believed betrayed them once again. There was a mini-revolt following 2016 that manifested in the formation of the Justice Democrats and other radical progressive groups. We can expect such groups to grow. Even if many Democrats flock to a more progressive party, they’ll still operate within the Democratic Party during elections. But as the Justice Democrats have proclaimed, they’ll do so with the intention of taking over the party and pulling it as far to the left as possible. A Biden, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, or Yang loss in the general election will set this in motion for them.

Scenario 3: Hillary gets the nomination

Some say Biden represents the Old Guard in the Democratic Party, but nobody speaks to the Democratic Establishment status quo like Hillary Clinton. The revolt depicted above if a moderate wins the nomination would turn into a radical progressive revolution if Clinton wins it. Some in far-left circles claim the only person more despised than President Trump is Clinton. Why? Because she represents everything in the party that they hate the most. She’s a capitalist owned by the banks, a warmonger driven by the Military Industrial Complex, and a woman who doesn’t represent the “woke” culture of LGBTQ supremacy in the eyes of the far-left.

But what makes a Clinton nomination even more disgusting and revolution-worthy to the radical progressives is her ownership of the DNC. They believe she coordinated with the DNC to steal the nomination from Sanders in 2016 and doing it again in 2020 would mean all-out war. This may seem like a good thing, but it isn’t. Why? Because the radicals will win. They will become more powerful as as result of a Clinton loss to President Trump than either of the scenarios listed above. Their case would be easy to make and they will ride political victimhood all the way to the new Democratic-Socialist Party they envision.

In the ebb and flow of American politics, it’s impossible to say conservatives will be able to fight off the allure of socialism forever. A Hillary Clinton nomination will hasten the rise in popularity of socialism, communism, open borders, and everything we vehemently oppose from the far-left.

It behooves Republicans to want the Democratic Party weakened, but we do not want it destroyed and reborn in the image of the Democratic-Socialists. As pervasive as Marxism can be, we need sanity to return to the left.

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