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Ben Shapiro reveals the idiocy of journalists defending Elizabeth Warren from billionaires



Senator Elizabeth Warren hates billionaires. At least that’s what she and her campaign portray as their perspectives. It’s a populist progressive winner for Warren; many leftists love to blame all of their problems on rich people who allegedly horde all of the money and make the rest of us suffer. They like to see Warren as a real-world Robin Hood who will take from the rich and give the poor (and left-leaning middle class, of course) free healthcare, education, and welfare in multiple forms and many fashions.

Recently, Warren has seen push back from many of her prime targets in the “billionaire class,” including iconic philanthropist and lifelong Democrat Bill Gates. These billionaire targets are most concerned about Warren’s proposed wealth tax, which is quite literally theft and almost certainly unconstitutional. Most importantly, it has never worked though it’s been tried in a dozen or so countries in the modern era, failing miserably every time.

That hasn’t stopped Warren from proposing it simply because she has no other way to suspend disbelief in a $52 trillion healthcare and economic monstrosity, her patented Medicare-for-All that she’s been pushing along with fellow radical progressive Senator Bernie Sanders. It cannot be paid for without dramatically raising taxes across the board, so her team came up with big numbers and long equations to demonstrate how they can take it from the rich and pay for everything they propose. Unfortunately for their math, they seem to be at least one zero off in their projected revenues.

DailyWire’s EIC Ben Shapiro shared a clip from his show lambasting several people but focusing on a NY Times columnist who admits to having no idea about her plan, but is willing to attack rich people anyway. As four-minute clips go, this is an important one to watch because it quickly decimates Warren’s tax plan while embarrassing the NY Times columnist who fails to grasp reality.

Progressive journalists are performing mathematical gymnastics to justify Elizabeth Warren’s tax-and-spend plan for Medicare-for-All, but there’s a hint of skepticism coming from almost all of them, even her most avid supporters in the media.

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