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Andrew Wilkow shows how Pete Buttigieg’s healthcare plan is no safer than Elizabeth Warren’s



Is Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare-for-All-Who-Wants-It a safer plan for American than Elizabeth Warren’s or Bernie Sanders’s full-blown Medicare-for-All? That’s the question the BlazeTV’s Andrew Wilkow answers in his latest video. In September, our EIC noted that ‘lite’ versions of Medicare-for-All are no better – and possibly worse – than the real thing. Wilkow tends to agree with both coming to the conclusion that slow-playing single-payer is no better or any less painful than stabbing us with Medicare-for-All from the start.

There is only one way to improve the healthcare system in America: Remove government from the equation altogether. Cut regulations. Take DC out of the receiving end of the costs and remove them from the spending end as well. What Buttigieg is proposing is a pathway to single-payer, one that likely won’t “ease us in” to the monstrosity of an economic plan because, as he’s well aware, government will win against the private healthcare competition every time, not because of superiority but because they’re writing the rules of the game.

The Democrats’ plans would first decouple the quality of service from the amount paid into the system. They would then expand the scope of the service by including full coverage for all illegal aliens, and if you believe the popular 11-million estimate from 2006 is still applicable today, you’re not paying attention to the border crisis. Lastly, they would systematically convert us from patients to numbers on a screen for which they divide up the available healthcare based on dollars produced by the collective to those needing healthcare.

But it’s worse than that. As Wilkow noted, there are theoretical systems of healthcare distribution that none of the Democrats would ever discuss but that would be necessary to make their plans work. Since so many people do not pay taxes and many more are being added regularly through illegal immigration, a dollar taken from you in tax dollars cannot equate to a dollar delivered to you in health benefits.

In other words, the socialistic principles of single-payer, whether through Warren’s and Sanders’s immediate implementation or the slow death proposed by Buttigieg and others, will invariably make costs go up for most while making quality of care go down for all.

Democrats have been building towards single-payer deathcare since before Obamacare was implemented. What we’re seeing today proposed by Democratic candidates is the culmination of years pushing towards Marxism in America.

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