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Tinslee Lewis update: Judge orders postponement of withdrawal of care until November 22



The family of Tinslee Lewis received good news today as a judge placed a temporary restraining order on Cook Children’s Fort Worth, preventing them from “pulling the plug” on the 9-month-old patient. She had originally been scheduled to have her ventilator removed today, but Texas Right to Life, activists, and the family worked to delay fulfillment of the decree until they could find another medical center to take on the responsibility of caring for Baby Tinslee.

The toddler is diagnosed with Ebstien Anomaly, a heart defect which causes her heart to be so enlarged that she has chronic lung disease. Doctors have performed three surgeries, but the prognosis hasn’t changed. Nevertheless, the family believes she should be allowed to fight for as long as possible.

As we reported yesterday, Baby Tinslee’s mother, Tiffany, received notice that her child would have her ventilator removed in compliance with the “Texas Advance Directives Act,” also known as the “Texas Futile Care Law” or “Ten-Day Rule.” Hospital administrators believe there is no way to save her life, so they want to remove the strain on themselves, their patient, and the patient’s family by allowing her to die.

The fight isn’t over. The family has less than two weeks to find a medical center that will take in the toddler and care for her indefinitely. Their plight is complicated by Cook Children’s decision to pull the plug as healthcare plans under Obamacare are no longer obligated to fund continued treatment, though they have that option. Nevertheless, the family will need to find a hospital that will accept Baby Tinslee and a doctor who believes he or she can do more than Cook Children’s.

As the life of a child hangs in the balance, the family needs help. Prayers are needed, as are calls from those who can help them find a new medical center and doctor. We will track this story closely.

Tinslee Lewis update Judge orders postponement of withdrawal of care until November 22

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