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Graphic videos: Hong Kong protester shot by police, counter-protester set on fire as violence escalates



Warning: The videos above and below are both uncensored and show disturbing violence.

Hong Kong is quickly becoming extremely dangerous for residents as they enter their 8th month of protests against the pro-Beijing government. Two violent incidents took place yesterday as both sides appear to be escalating the violence surrounding the dispute.

Above, protesters clashed with police as a man clad in black attempted to help a protester who was being detained by police. One officer pulled out his firearm and after warning the protester in black, he proceeded to shoot him in the abdominal area. In the six minutes it took for an ambulance to arrive, blood can be seen as the man stared wide-eyed on the street.

The second incident was between a pro-Beijing man who was scolding protesters in public. As he was berating them, a black-clad protester poured a flammable liquid on him as another set him on fire.

Both victims are at hospitals in critical condition.

According to the BBC:

Hong Kong police shoot man in Monday morning rush hour protests latest violence comes after a student died on Friday after falling from a ledge in a car park, reportedly trying to flee from police tear gas.

Hong Kong is part of China but as a former British colony it has some autonomy and people have more rights.

The protests started in June against plans to allow extradition to the mainland – which many feared would undermine the city’s freedoms.

The bill was withdrawn in September but demonstrations continued and now call for full democracy and an inquiry into police behaviour.

Clashes between police and activists have become increasingly violent and in October the city banned all face masks.

These clashes highlight a significant rise in tensions in recent weeks. The city itself is in shambles. Streets are littered with debris. Traffic is often brought to a complete stop from protests, impromptu roadblocks, and people walking around aimlessly as their once-vibrant city continues to become unlivable.

These events have been a long-time in the making as Beijing has continued to exert more control on the semi-autonomous city on its southeastern coast. While considered part of China, its government was supposed to maintain authority while contributing to the nation as a whole. But in recent years, Beijing has placed politicians and business leaders into positions of power in an effort to absorb the city wholly into the country.

This is communism/socialism versus democracy/capitalism. It’s a unique situation, but one that can someday find its way to the United States if we’re not protective of our freedoms, the very freedoms Hong Kong protesters are fighting for today.

These violent events in Hong Kong have all eyes looking to Beijing. How much longer will they remain passive? Their military is already positioned close by. What will be the trigger to have them bear down on only free city in the region?

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