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The great racism propaganda ploy of Election 2020



The great racism propaganda ploy of Election 2020

Sometimes, it’s hard to see what’s happening around us because we’re too close to the events. Our vision can be hampered by near proximity; one might say it’s an example of missing the forest for the trees because right now, we’re in the midst of those trees.

When history books (or whatever their future replacements will be) look back on this time in America, there are many things that will be frowned upon. Just as real racism of the past, which was used to suppress human rights and devalue human life, is frowned upon by modern society, so too will false racism and “crying wolf” be seen as a nasty chapter in the history of the Democratic Party and legacy media as future generations see it through a distant lens of superior clarity.

For today, we’re stuck living through a false narrative that has been getting built for three years and is ramping up to a crescendo among progressives in politics and the media. They are screaming, “racism, racism, racism!” They’re screaming it in hopes that the narrative will stick. Why? Because as a colleague noted before, this is all they have left in the tank after two years of hoping for Robert Mueller or Nancy Pelosi or Alyssa Milano or Bill Maher or… somebody, anybody, to save them President Trump’s policies.

While screaming, they somehow missed the fact that his policies are working. They scream racism and say he’s against Hispanic immigrants, all the while ignoring that Hispanic unemployment rates are at the lowest point they’ve been in United States history. The scream racism and say he’s against African-Americans, but prosperity has never been greater for African-American communities despite promises and fiction composed by the Obama administration. When he doesn’t denounce white supremacy in a speech, they condemn him for omission. When he does denounce white supremacy in a speech, they call him a liar.

Today’s progressive movements, the Democratic Party, and leftist legacy media are all unified on pushing a racism narrative regardless of how false it is. They don’t care that it’s a lie. They don’t care that it’s tearing this nation apart by pretending the President is tearing this nation apart. They ignore the polarizing effects of calling for unity, but only unity among the people they like. Deplorables aren’t welcome in their vision of unity.

Call me ignorant, but I never expected the left would nosedive so deep into the trenches of desperation that they’d resort to pure propaganda in order to win political victories. They are lying to change sentiment. They are lying to win votes. They are lying to shame anyone who is willing to stand up for the truth. This is the closest we’ve been to a dystopian prelude since the days of McCarthyism, and I say that knowing there’s a very good chance this is actually worse than it was back then.

And Americans are falling for it.

The triggered masses, those poor “woke” souls, are so filled with pure hatred that they’re willing to not only deny the facts and create their own, but they’re even willing to denounce the facts they’ve created if doing so promotes their agenda. For example, there are several videos by conservative outlets in which people are read a quote with insinuations it was President Trump who said it. On cue, they denounce it as racism. Then, when they’re told it was one of their progressive idols like Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama who actually said it, they double down by returning to the notion that President Trump is a racist.

I hope America is actually better than this. I hope what we’re seeing is simply the loud talking heads and social media influencers peddling lies that are not actually breaking through the collective psyche of Americans. I hope I’m simply stuck in the trees, seeing all of the lies and thinking they must be having a negative effect while in reality the voting population is ignoring the propaganda. I hope Americans are smarter than the left seems to think we are.

History books of the future are certain to depict the left’s racist propaganda initiative in a very negative light. The only question is whether this generation of Americans will be heralded for seeing the truth or denounced for believing the lies.

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