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It’s the economy, stupid, which is why all Democrats have is the race card



Its the economy stupid which is why all Democrats have is the race card

Democrats and their legacy media puppets must focus all of their efforts on painting President Trump and the Republican Party is racist. They must get the message out that the President is a white supremacist, that most Republicans are bigots, and if a voter is willing to support any of them, they must be racists.

This is called media jamming. It’s a Nazi technique in which a lie must be repeated often and loudly in order to make the people believe it’s the truth. But in the modern digital age, jamming is much easier to amplify. They can control the narrative by repetition and often get supported by conservative media that is forced to respond to their false claims, thus amplifying the message even more. This article itself is an example of this; as much as I realize dignifying their claims with a response shouldn’t be necessary, the narrative is becoming so prevalent that I’m compelled to call it out for what it is.

We’ve seen time and again videos depicting quotes attributed to President Trump railed on by unsuspecting Americans, only to have their expectations subverted by the great reveal that it was Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or some other Democrat who actually uttered those words. One of my favorites was watching progressive students taken aback when they learned President Obama called for stronger border security. They were visibly shaken as their view of the Democrats’ icon of unity came crashing down to reality.

But this is all they have. It’s their hail mary pass, their grinding game plan that they hope will distract enough Americans away from the facts so they can focus on the falsely brewed emotional cocktail the left is mixing for us all. They can’t allow people to look at results because results paint a very different picture.

If President Trump and the GOP are racists, their policies are working against them. Hispanic- and African-American unemployment has never been lower in the history of our country. It takes a very bad racist to put so many minorities back to work to support their families.

This is why commentators like Bill Maher are publicly hoping the economy will collapse. They realize that regardless of the false narrative pushed by Democrats, if the people are doing well for themselves, they’re not going to vote for change. They didn’t do it in 1984 the last time the economy was humming and they won’t do it in 2020 unless the Democrats can pull the wool over the voters’ eyes.

Former Democratic campaign pundit James Carville said, “It’s the economy, stupid,” in reference to how to win elections. In 2020, Democrats hope to prove him wrong, because if he’s correct, then this election should be a landslide for the GOP and President Trump.

Democrats need emotion to drive the election because the facts aren’t on their sides. They need people to vote from their feelings, not reality. So the media jamming of lies about racism and white supremacy will continue. It’s all they have left.

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