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Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: FISA investigation will lead to criminal indictments



What is in the Inspector General’s report following investigations into mishandling of FISA requests by the DOJ during and after the 2016 election? That’s the question many are asking, but One America News’s Jack Posobiec took it a step further with Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, pondering whether the recent delay is indicative of bigger things to come.

Posobiec: “We’ve heard in the past few days the IG report, there’s been a delay because they’re doing more investigation, they’re having more witnesses coming forward. Tell us what are you hearing on your end about that?”

Shaffer: “There’s three things going on. First, apparently there’s additional witnesses, whistleblowers, something like that who they’ve discovered and they want to obtain more details from. And my impression, my opinion is these are probably field operatives of some sort who have either been encouraged or found their own courage to come forward and fill in some details which are missing.

“Secondly, there’s still a need to I think find missing documents. My understanding is additional FISA warrants and requests which are being looked at right now.

“Third and most importantly, I think they’re trying to figure out a way to actually put together grand juries and other organizations which may have to receive the information from the IG for purposes of action.”

Indictments. Criminal charges. The possibilities of what will come from the IG’s report are numerous and nearly all of them bode ill for President Obama’s Justice Department. It would seem there was corruption, manipulation, outright lies, and a subsequent cover-up to justify the harassment that has been ongoing since before President Trump swore the oath of office.

As President Trump continues to focus more attention on real news, OAN has emerged as his top resource. It makes sense after reports like this in which Jack Posobiec and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer reveal things you won’t hear on legacy media outlets.

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