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How the border crisis makes the left’s ‘racism propaganda’ a double-whammy against voters



How the border crisis makes the lefts racism propaganda a double-whammy against voters

If you support President Trump or the GOP, you must be a racist. That’s the message being propagated by Democrats and their legacy media majordomos. On the surface, it appears to be purely about clothing the President in a false premise and jamming voters into believing their lie. But there’s a secondary benefit that, in the long term, could actually be even more dangerous.

Even if we assume the American people will see the truth and reelect President Trump based on the many merits of his first term, the cries of racism and labeling anyone who enters the country, whether legally or illegally, as “immigrants” are intended to promote the Democrats’ open borders agenda. It’s a pressure technique that repeats a lie over and over until it sticks, something the Nazis practiced well during their rein over Europe.

The primary goal may be to take down the President, but a close second is their other goal of making any opposition to open borders seem racially motivated. If the people see that their jobs are better, our standing in the world is better, and Republican policies seem to be working, that’s no guarantee the push of “racism propaganda” doesn’t influence people to see illegal immigration in a progressive light.

In other words, Republicans could win the 2020 election but still lose the battle over the border if the racism label sticks.

Here are the facts:

  • The vast majority of migrants are seeking economic improvement. They are not fleeing from war, oppression, natural disasters, or any of the other limited criteria necessary to qualify for asylum.
  • They’re coming across the borders illegally, and while there are no laws against this as asylum claims supersede border provisions, the counter to this is not being utilized. If it is determined that they are “economic migrants,” they are supposed to be deported immediately.
  • The sheer mass of people crossing the border is hampering border patrol’s ability to keep the border secure from those who are not migrants. Criminals, smugglers, and terrorists are finding it easier to cross the border because our protective law enforcement arm of Homeland Security is overburdened with paperwork and handing out diapers to economic migrants.
  • Democrats are offering no solutions. In fact, they’re obstructing solutions that are being proposed by Republicans.

It’s this last fact about the border crisis that compels them to push the racism narrative. If their policies are taken at face value, they’re clearly flawed. But if they can convince voters that their policies are the compassionate solutions to a problem they claim doesn’t exist, and opposition to this compassion is racist, then the long term push for open borders may be shorter than we think.

Democrats want you to hate the President as a racist, but they also want you to view border security policies as racist as well. This is killing two birds with one propaganda stone for Democrats. Unfortunately, the birds are the White House and border security.

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