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25 reasons we DON’T have to ‘do something’ about guns



25 reasons we DONT have to do something about guns

Saying no to progressive tyranny, responses to Leftist FEELings on the right of self-defense.

Just as night follows day, we can always rely of the Liberty Grabber Left to lower themselves to the occasion to cynically exploit the pain and suffering of others to attain political power. They are falling all over them themselves trying use the latest tragedy for maximum effect spewing outright lies in the process.

This is the ever-growing list of reasons why we patriots on the Pro-Liberty Right DON’T have to ‘Do something!’ about guns. Times of ‘serious crisis’ will see many Leftist lies or talking points on the subject being repeated ad nauseam; these are responses to Leftist FEELings – Frequently Encountered Emotional Lies. In this case, it’s the crucial issue of the common sense human right of self-preservation.

25. Liberty Control does not work. It only makes things worse… far worse.

Liberty Control (or as it’s referred to by its misnomer: Gun control) has to be one of the original inspirations for the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It’s very much like socialism, its ideological brethren in that it will never work as advertised.

It’s really a world-wide phenomena of failure in that it’s non-functionality can be found everywhere from Chicago and Washington D.C. to Venezuela. In point of fact, IF it did work somewhere the Left and the media (but we repeat ourselves) would talk about it 24/7. It only serves to disarm the innocent and empower criminals and the government.

24. ‘Liberty Free’ zones always fail to work as advertised.

We decided that the insane idea of ‘Liberty Free’ zones deserve their own entry since they are a microcosm of the overall insanity of Liberty Control in general. Facts first: statistics from the Crime Research Center show that 94% of mass murder tragedies take place in – you guessed it – ‘Liberty Free’ zones.

Like many a Leftist idea, this doesn’t make logical sense, but when first instituted no one had practical experience with this idea. Now, after several decades of death, its manifestly obvious these are really death zones. Criminals go way out of their way to seek these places to conduct their societal offences. They are magnets for mass murder, why would any sane person consider these to be a good idea?

23. Gun Confiscation SWATing: An unconstitutional solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

It is a fact that mental health holds or similar actions already exist. So these affronts to Liberty and due process not only rip up the Constitution, but they aren’t needed. There are laws in place to confine those who may fit into this category, but the problem for the Liberty Grabbers is that these maintain the critical concepts of due process. Thus, the Leftists and others uncaring of Liberty want an additional tool to oppress the people.

Gun Confiscation SWATing [aka red flag gun laws or ERPOs] are a very dangerous precedent in the destruction of Liberty. They set up the idea of pre-crime enforcement of the law and turn our system of jurisprudence on its head.

22. Intergalactic Background Checks are nothing but a stepping stone to confiscation.

It’s been proven that Intergalactic Background Checks (Aliases: Universal, Enhanced, Strong Background Checks) won’t do a darn thing to solve the problem. Even far Left site Vox Concedes Universal Background Checks Don’t Work.

Still, the Authoritarian Socialist Left obsesses over these abominations over private property because they are the next step to their final solution to the Liberty problem. The plain fact is that these would be an unconstitutional control over everyone’s private property. One that will also sets very dangerous precedent to be exploited by future Leftists.

If these are imposed, it won’t take but a few nanoseconds for the Left to move the goalposts once again and begin the clarion call for gun registration. It’s safe to say that the Authoritarian Socialist Left is never satisfied with it’s tyranny over the people.

21. More than 120 million innocent people own guns. We would know about it if it were a problem.

Plain and simple, there are an estimated 120–140 million gun owners possessing an estimated 400–600 million guns with untold trillions of rounds of ammunition. If these innocent people were a problem, everyone would know about it.

All but a minuscule percentage merely sit around gathering oxidation, never hurting anyone unless they are needed.

20. Collective punishment is profoundly unfair.

Supposedly, ‘fairness’ is an article of the faith of the Authoritarian Socialist Left and yet they have no problem with the incredible unfairness of punishing 120–140 million innocent people for the crimes of a few. As is usually the case, the Left’s ‘principles’ are dependent on the situational of the moment.

19. Liberty Control is dividing the country for absolutely no benefit in security.

Every ‘serious crisis’ always goes through the same phases. It begins with the first reports of a mass murder tragedy that comes in and Leftists grin and trip all over themselves trying to get in front of a camera politicizing someone else’s pain for their political gain. Followed by the inevitable finger pointing, spewing of falsehoods and claims that wanting to keep their basic human rights have blood on their hands.

All of this will be followed by demands for gun confiscation or the next step towards this goal. We’ve already proven that none of these measures work as advertised, so the end result will be that the problem will remain while the nation is divided even more.

18. Compromises are always one-sided – from the Pro-Liberty Right.

It is also inevitable that we of the Pro-Liberty Right grow tired of all the disgusting invective hurled by the Left. Thus at some point they will try the compromise or ‘bipartisanship’ ploy, meaning we compromise while the Liberty Grabbers move the goal posts.

Leftists have the misguided idea that pulling back from their immediate demands of gun confiscation is somehow a ‘compromise’ on their part. The fact is the Pro-Liberty Right has repeatedly compromised and it’s never enough for the Liberty Grabbers, they always demand more, no matter what.

17. Criminals don’t obey the law – so new restrictions on freedom will not work.

This may come as stunning news to those on the Authoritarian Socialist Left, but people who disobey existing laws will also disobey new laws. Thus their grand plans to solve this problem will only hurt the innocent.

16. An assault of Liberty based on a mountain of Lies.

This could easily be the entire column and the reality of the situation is that if the Liberty Grabber Left had righteous cause, they would have no need to lie. Instead they come up with new lies or pile on existing lies in the storied tradition of socialists of the past, such a Lenin and Hitler, that believed that repeating a lie would somehow make it the truth.

The virtual cornucopia of mendacity from the Far Left and even wobbly Republicans makes it quite difficult to select a favorite, but the one that calls for the implementation of Background Checks that have been in existence for over 25 years has to be the topper. They’ve essentially dropped the ‘Universal’ or ‘enhanced’ part of the moniker with a double whammy lie that pretends that these don’t exist and that unconstitutional government control of private property needs to be the new normal.

Thus we have that colossal lie along with some enormous runner-up lies such as: There Has Been 251 Mass Shootings This Year or the United States Leads the World in Mass Shootings. Both are outright lies in addition to the whopper over ‘Intergalactic Background Checks’

15. Gun violence is on the decline.

There is a reason that the Liberty Grabbers only crawl out of the woodwork when there is a ‘serious crisis’. There is a reason the National Socialist Media inundates the airways with wall to wall coverage of one of these tragedies. It’s not just for ratings or votes, these are people who cannot abide Liberty. They know they have as a small window of opportunity to Rahm through further restrictions on freedom.

They do this partly to lie to the public to instill a perception that we’re in the middle of a gun violence epidemic. Screaming about during peaceful times fails their purpose.

This is just another lie on their part given a study by Northeastern university showed that: Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post published an article on the subject: Most Americans incorrectly think gun-murder rates have gotten worse, not better.

Two attacks over a couple of days from two leftists may skew the public perceptions, but like most Leftist pontifications, it’s not true.

14. Fear doesn’t dictate the parameters of basic human rights.

For all of their lies and mendacity, Leftists are good at inventing rights out of thin air. The problem with the fear rationale for destroying Liberty is that it’s based on a vague, open and patently absurd concept. Should all coyotes be eliminated because one hears them howling in the distance? Should there be no more tall buildings because of a fear of heights? Should we get rid of the number 13 because of triskaidekaphobia.

Obviously we can’t have fear deciding the limits of everyone’s individual rights and freedoms, but the Left would like to push this absurd notion.

13. History doesn’t bend towards authoritarianism.

In the ‘Flat Earth’ fantasy land of the Left, history is always inevitably bending towards socialism with ‘progress’ defined by them as a perfect Utopia of unicorns jumping over rainbows. They love to characterize this movement as the ‘right’ side of history, an inexorable motion that can never be stopped or reversed, thus it doesn’t make sense (in their minds) to stand in its way.

These are also people who think that enslaving people will ‘free’ them. Thus, they use terms like ‘Liberation’ while imposing societal slavery. History has shown that their ideas are absurd and that the Right side of history moves inexorably towards freedom, with the right of self-defense coming right along.

12. Liberty control has its roots in racism and slavery.

For some reason, the national socialist Left is able to escape the racism charge when they push for gun confiscation and Liberty control. The fact is these are born of racism and they have an adverse effect on certain individuals who cannot escape the inner city.

11. Guns protect the smallest minority – the individual.

Liberals, Libertarians and Conservatives on the right side of the political spectrum are at heart individualists. While Leftist, socialists and fascists are collectivists.

The common-sense human right of self-defense is meant for the individual against the collective. It is an equalizing factor in some lopsided confrontations as well as with philosophical implications.

10. It is a fact that far more people are saved by guns than are taken.

Granted, this shouldn’t control a basic human right, but when the Left starts talking gun confiscation they always leave off the inconvenient truth that many more people are saved by guns than are lost, the words of Terry McAuliffe notwithstanding. The CDC has reported estimates of 500,000 to more than 3 million defensive gun uses compared to instances of losses to guns. Estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million, in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008

9. The national socialist Left is extremely ‘selective’ in their ‘concerns’

Over the weekend, Neil deGrasse Tyson discovered that one does not cross the nation’s Left in promulgating certain false narratives. There are far more pressing problems in looking at the data, but an emotion driven frenzy of a less pressing problem is the purpose of these false concerns.

The fact is that far more people are killed in the bastions of Liberty Control than in these tragedies that are extremely rare. But that doesn’t stop those of the national socialist media from trying to push a certain false narrative.

8. The Left caused the problem in the first place.

It was more than infuriating that a few weeks ago Naval Ravikant was on the Joe Rogan Podcast gloating that The left won the culture wars now they’re just driving around shooting the survivors’.  Setting aside words that would have been considered verboten if uttered by the Pro-Liberty Right, there is the point that these tragedies are a recent phenomena, born of a time the Left has been pushing Cultural Marxism.

Then there is the fact the extreme exploitation of these tragedies by the Left and the Media (pardon the redundancies) causing the psychological phenomena of Media Contagion. It’s not just getting clicks and ratings, the Left does this for political reasons.

7. Slippery slopes and Moving goal posts.

We know from past experience that the implementation of each new law will be met with the phrase ‘this is only a first step’. For example, there are already strong background checks, but this doesn’t stop the Left from pretending they don’t exist, or that they will soon demand the next step towards gun confiscation whenever they attain one of their goals.

6. The Liberty Grabber Leftists love guns – in their hands.

Recent articles in Vox and the New republic as well as other sources have made the case that the Left Loves guns, but only in their hands. Of course, this argument completely nuke most of the Liberty Grabber Left’s arguments on Gun safety etc.

Supposedly, we will all be safe as soon as we can’t protect ourselves – trust them, they know what they are talking about even though they don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine. Problem is, if the Left wants guns, that eviscerates that contention.

The implications of the gun confiscation part of the Left’s socialist national agenda combined with their desire to arm up means they want to be the only ones with the guns.

5. The Leftists are democratically insane.

In the words of Center-Left journalist Tim Pool: ‘The Far-Left is going insane’; in one of his videos today he relates how certain luminaries of the Left want to ‘exterminate’ the Pro-Liberty Patriots of the Right.

Let’s just put it this way – the historic sequence has always been: registration, confiscation, and annihilation.

4. Socialism depends on a government monopoly on the use of force.

You only need to listen to the socialists of the past to realize why those of the present obsess over gun confiscation. Socialism is based in coercion. Economic Freedom is based in Liberty. This is why the Authoritarian Socialist Left cannot abide anyone but the government having the ability to use force. This was exemplified in an interview with some Venezuelan Libertarians.

3. Confiscation is their final solution to the Liberty problem.

We could almost call the Left’s denial of the obvious as one of the ‘classic’ lies – timeless in its use and audacity. But the fact is they have made the demands for gun confiscation for years now.

2. The 2nd amendment and the Right of the people to keep and bear arms restrains the government.

They say that the day you liberally apply oil to a gun, vacuum seal it in a bag, place it in a section of PVC pipe with a glue-on cap on one end and a threaded cap on the other, and bury it deep near a bunch scrap metal to avoid metal detectors, in an area you normally traverse to avoid tracking dogs, is the day you should dig them up. But there is nothing that says one has to ensconce all of their guns, one can hide some away as a safety measure. Just as having a fire extinguisher or fire hose behind glass, these preparations are part of the long history of the Conservation of Liberty.

Quite often Leftists tend to telegraph their intentions and thought processes by what they don’t talk about. The plain fact is that the 2nd amendment is a restraint on the government to keep it in check. By default, Leftists make it clear they want unlimited government with total control over the people by their incessant attacks upon Liberty and specifically the 2nd Amendment.

Recent events in at present socialist nation of Venezuela have shown that the common sense human right of self-defense is vital in keeping the government in check as attested to on MSNBC. This is why we are never going to give up our guns. The Liberty grabber Left has made their intentions quite clear.

This is why they obsess over the imposition of controls on private property with Intergalactic Background Checks (aliases: Universal, enhanced, etc.). As well as other measure to control Liberty in whatever way they can.

1. The 2nd amendment is the canary in the coalmine of liberty.

The larger point in all of this is that the common sense human right of self-defense is literally the tip of the spear in holding back the socialist Left authoritarianism. This was the first civil right they decided to attack after dropping the mask covering their totalitarian tendencies, but it certainly wasn’t the last.

The 2nd Amendment was the scene of their first attacks against private property rights and the impetus to attack the basic civil right of due process. The Authoritarian Socialist Left would love to be able to control private property – it’s part of their creed as collectivists. If they can control private property in the form of guns, they can do the same with other items that may impact the environment or whatever.

The bottom-line.

This is an ever-expanding list that will grow as events proceed. These are all points that Patriots of the Pro-Liberty Right need to keep in mind to face the onslaught against Liberty wrought by the Left.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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