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Trump freezes Venezuelan government assets in US



The White House announced complete seizures of all Venezuelan government assets today, marking the highest level of pressure the United States has put on contested Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro since the U.S. and 50 other nations chose to recognize Juan Guaido as the nation’s rightful temporary leader.

This move puts pressure on the international community that still does business with Venezuela, giving them a choice between working with Venezuela or the United States. Russia and China, who still support Maduro, have condemned the move as interference by the United States in a sovereign nation’s affairs.

But Guaido went to the United States seeking assistance that he has not been able to acquire from his country’s military. The people seem to be generally behind Guaido, but without military support, the people seem to be powerless to eject the current President.

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis made an important point. What’s the purpose of these advanced actions against Venezuela? Does Washington DC believe this is going to force Maduro out? He controls the military, and in a nation with citizens who abdicated their gun rights long ago, controlling the military means controlling the nation indefinitely.

As a nation, we need to decide how far we’re willing to go to fight corruption and aid the people in foreign nations. It’s one thing when catastrophe compels a foreign government to seek help from the international community, but the Venezuela situation is very different. Whether we recognize him or not, Maduro is the de facto leader of the nation because he controls every facet of life for his people. We may not like him, but short of an ill-advised invasion, is there anything we can do that will remove Maduro without harming the Venezuelan people?

This is a political move driven by the neoconservatives in the Trump administration. It does not seem to be helpful to anyone in Venezuela and puts greater pressure on a people that is already facing life-and-death situations.

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