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Prediction: Vox will go out of business because of Carlos Maza



Prediction Vox will go out of business because of Carlos Maza

If you are paying attention, the media industry is struggling to stay afloat in a digital age as the medium between information and consumers is narrower than ever before. It’s not easy for Conservative media, but venture backed leftist media companies have all the advantages and allies they could ever ask for and are no more immune to the struggle. As the skirmish between Steven Crowder and Vox broke out into a massive culture war front, YouTube, in keeping in line with the Leftist agenda issued the VoxAdpocalypse which harms independent creators far more than it actually harms Steven Crowder, the number one Conservative YouTube channel. Make no mistake, this is a culture war between two of YouTube’s biggest political channels, and Vox lost, all because of Carlos Maza.

During the Second World War, the fight between Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler had much uncertainty. But Winston Churchill knew that if Britain bought itself time, there would be enough time for Adolf Hitler to make a mistake. And the mistakes came. While Steven Crowder did not set out to destroy Vox, Carlos Maza made it his objective to be the guy that deplatformed Steven Crowder. Despite the affection for silencing critics, Carlos Maza and Vox bare no real comparison to Nazi Germany, as the Third Reich was far more formidable. In fact, a fairer comparison would be comparing Vox to Kodak, Blockbuster, or ToysAreUs. The business model of Vox is predicated on digital ad sales and dependent on its extremely favorable standing with social media giants, particularly YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. But what happens when you turn YouTube users against you, all for a petty feud? This is a Pearl Harbor level of mistake, and that is what Carlos Maza just got Vox into.

Struggling Company

Vox Media is not exactly in perfect financial health. In fact this company which has received hundreds of millions in investment is struggling to the same extent that clickbait pioneer Buzzfeed and Vice Media are. 2018 was a rough year for Vox which reportedly fell short of its financial goals because of decreasing revenue growth. 2018 began, after a solid 2017, with layoffs of about 5% of its workforce. But that’s not all. The workers at Vox Media have unionized just like at Buzzfeed. Unionized workers are a detriment to struggling businesses and now the overwhelming majority of unionized workers are public sector, signifying that the private sector has moved on. Rumors have been circulating that Vox has since shifted their hiring to part time and contract positions as opposed to full time.

Crowder’s Work Ethic vs Carlos Maza

Vox Media, Vice and the clickbait Buzzfeed are not some scrappy website like NOQ Report. They are venture backed grand productions of digital media. It’s like how on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, some rich celebrity throws a ton of money on a website and hires a ton of writers to write clickbait and doesn’t care about profit because she views it as a pet project. That’s the mentality of these companies. Carlos Maza admitted how he spent 4 weeks on his video about Conservatives controlling the media. He spent four weeks on that! Multimillion dollar company took four weeks on that video! Meanwhile Steven Crowder produces content daily. His Vox rebuttal has nearly as many views as the video he rebutted despite how YouTube promotes Vox videos while Steven Crowder is lucky to trend under “borderline” content. Crowder’s audience is more engaged, which in turn is better for advertisers like Walther. If work ethic is any indication, Crowder will outlast Vox.

Gawker Precedent

Steven Crowder may in fact be the YouTube equivalent of a Hulk Hogan. Though, Crowder isn’t going to use his half-Asian lawyer to destroy Gawker. Rather the bad publicity, generating the ire of the myriad of fan bases, is enough to raise major concerns about Vox’s profitability in the near and long term. Leftist may double down on Carlos Maza but not to the same extent Conservatives will invest in their own. As digital media is ever so abundant, people on the left and the middle may not want to associate with Vox because of how the actions of Maza impacted a Youtuber they looked up to. A struggling industry needs devoted supporters, and the people doubling down with Carlos Maza are, unlikely to throw their spare change Vox’s way.

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to put a time frame on my prediction, but I do believe Vox Media will go out of business, and Carlos Maza’s action are consequential. I give Carlos Maza six more months at Vox. They are in a crowded field of Leftist media outlets and have to stay woke to remain favorable with Silicon Valley. You can never be woke enough to satisfy the Left, and Vox’s viewers will learn that long before Vox does.