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Independent conservative media MUST be amplified for America to survive



Independent conservative media MUST be amplified for America to survive

At first glance, this may appear to be a self-serving article. But we’re in the midst of a post-truth America, a time in our history when the machinations of the progressive elites are being loudly and clearly broadcast to the masses while messages that support conservative philosophies or a Judeo-Christian worldview are being stifled on the venues that reach most Americans. Whether it’s mainstream media, social media, or search engines, we’re seeing a systematic purge of the truth in favor of leftist confirmation bias.

There are a handful of prominent right-leaning news sites, but the extent of their reach is much lower than that of left-leaning news sites. Moreover, the right-leaning news outlets often bypass some of the most pressing issues as their focus rests on distracting investigations rather than addressing issues. I understand that it’s big news whenever some politician makes a statement about the Russia probe, impeachment, or the investigation into the investigators, but this is political fodder that only distracts from the real issues we’re facing. Unfortunately, those issues are major and as long as news outlets direct the collective attention away from them, our representatives will not be compelled to find solutions.

NOQ Report is focused on keeping the focus where it belongs. That doesn’t mean we won’t post stories about new revelations in the various internal battles over the Russia investigation, but we will not allow it to dominate as it does on most outlets. There are bigger problems to address. Much bigger…

We have a crisis at the border and too many Americans are allowing the media to stick their heads in the sand over the brewing emergency situation that affects every American.

The abortion issue has become more polarized than it ever has been in our history and we’re likely on the verge of events that will determine our future as a nation of life or a nation that embraces death.

Our rights are being attacked from every side. Guns, free speech, due process… we could dedicate weeks worth of coverage to the attacks on any of a plethora of individual liberties currently protected by the Constitution that are being attacked by the left.

The rising popularity of socialistic ideas threatens our prosperity and our very way of life as if the American dream is no longer seen as an achievable goal by the masses who are falling for the sales pitch of “free stuff galore.”

And the attacks on Bible-believers – the shoddy coverage on faith-based issues isn’t solely owned by leftist media. Even conservative news outlets often ignore this tremendously important issue.

The biggest reason we’ve avoided corporate sponsorships is because we must remain independent in our coverage of the truth. Once the shots are called at the corporate level, even by those who have right-leaning values, we lose the independence America needs. The wrong money from the wrong places would propel us down the path of joining the post-truth American media monstrosity.

We will continue to seek the right partnerships, though admittedly I’ve been passive in this regard. I prefer to rely on the patriotic generosity of our readers. If you believe that what we’re doing is right for America and that the news we’re reporting needs to be heard by the masses, I ask that you donate to our cause today. We are growing nicely; May numbers were nearly double the traffic we received in March. But until we reach the higher echelons of reach, we are but a mildly loud voice fighting for attention in the cacophony generated by corporate backed post-truth news outlets.

It’s not an exaggeration to say there are existential threats to America attacking from every front. The border crisis, pro-abortion movement, and creeping socialism are but a few. America needs the right messages broadcast to its masses now.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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