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Vox is peak lack of self awareness



Vox is peak lack of self awareness

The conflict between Vox and Stephen Crowder has definitely amounted more than a minor skirmish in the culture war. As part of Ash Wednesday, Stephen Crowder issued a rebuttal against Vox’s claim that Fox News controls the media. In Vox’s initial video, Vox claimed that Fox News reporting on stories that, by their standards, are not worth reporting to the public controlled the media because the “real” media would then be forced to use time covering the story of Fox News covering a story. In an ideal Vox world, journalist take in information and decide what to focus on. You might be thinking that not reporting information to the public, instead choosing what they see is gatekeeping, and you’d be exactly right. News curation, to push a narrative, is exactly what Vox is advocating.

Vox makes a number of ridiculously not self aware claims. One being that they, in fact, are journalists. Another being that there are no hacks on the left, as if Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have a leading monopoly on hackery. It’s a special kind of special kind of propaganda that would suggest that there’s no bias media on the left. The video has me, someone who has heard of Vox but never knew they had such a promoted Youtube channel, incredulously wondering whether he was satire. Seriously, this was not only a factually-challenged message but it was presented in the most beta-male possible way, I feel as though my estrogen levels increased.

This rebuttal caused further complaint from @gaywonk that his sexuality was being made fun of by a comedian and therefore Youtube should act and enforce censorship. He even slams Youtube for not caring about gay content creators when his content was promoted by Youtube while Conservative content producers have work really hard for their followings. The gay latino from Vox literally wants videos removed because they say things he doesn’t like.

The Kicker Is

Fox News isn’t all that Conservative. This is the same network that wanted a Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, or Scott Walker to win in 2016. Remember Rubio’s best ever third place finish in Iowa. Fox News exists because of the overwhelming leftist bias in the rest of the media. There was a void and they filled it. It’s a smart business plan. But are they really all that Conservative? Remember, they did try to take out Trump in the debates and largely ignored Ted Cruz. Tucker Carlson is an anti-SJW Progressive, by his own stances articulated in his appearance on the Ben Shapiro Sunday Special. Sean Hannity is anti-Democrat. Calling Shepherd Smith Conservative is laughable, let alone their Russia Hoax promoting hosts. The interesting thing about Fox News is, to their credit, they really do have both sides on their network. Juan Williams is legitimately a left leaning guy. Alan Colmes back in the day as well. Their opposition views may be given the task of looking like the losing side a lot, but they genuinely believe their own positions, which is not what can be said about the leftist media who hire actors to play Conservatives to criticize Trump. Good job, Vox; you have me complementing Fox News. As our editor said, if you rely on Fox News for Conservative news, try harder.

Final Thoughts

It was an excellent rebuttal by Steven Crowder whose followers raided the Vox video filling the comment section with negative comments and hitting the dislike button. And if he were actually receiving death threats, because it’s so easy and “cool” to claim that you are, perhaps he would provide screenshots like Matt Walsh did. To Carlos Maza, I say “learn to code.”

As Conservatives there is no need for death threats. Rather we should practice admonishment in the form of relentless mockery so that Vox and others retreat to their echo bunkers if they want to espouse such soy-boy hackery under the guise of journalism.