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Reparations: Why the push now?



Reparations Why the push now

Democrat presidential candidates have launched the debate of reparations (back?) into prominence. The idea is that the government will compensate black people for the sins of slavery over a hundred years ago. There are no specifics in regards to rich black people, mixed people, or African-American immigrants. Nor is there a dollar amount specified. The vague notion of free money always has its appeal to the recipients. However what are the motivations of these promises? Are the Democrats shamefully pandering? Or are the Democrats corralling?

There have been recent incidents of Democrats overtly pandering like AOC having a blaccent which is hardly different from Hillary Clinton  or Joe Biden when they pandered to black people. The entire border crisis is a Democrat ploy so that they can drastically shift America’s electorate in their favor by pandering to the illegal immigrants whom they help vote already or intend to give citizenship so that they will vote someday.

So before answering the three questions posed in the beginning, it must be determined, the reason the Democrats pander. Steve Deace, on a recent “Blaze Roundtable” discussion, which is a must-watch, described the Democrat electorate according to a NY Times study. The study found a gaping disparity between Democrats on social media and Democrats in real life. The discussion concluded with Steve Deace explaining how the Republicans are a coalition and the Democrats are a confederacy (just like old times). Democrats are a confederacy of identitarian politics: blacks, hispanics, gays, Muslims etc. So, pandering to keep this confederacy alive is blood flow for the party.

But not all pandering comes in equivalent degrees. The recent push for reparations is an aggressive pander that can literally be construed as buying votes. “You give, I give.” It makes for a good campaign promise like canceling student debt (that was voluntarily assumed.) However, when it comes to Democrats pandering to black Americans, one needs to notice clear trends.

The first trend is increasing racial tensions. Much of this came from the Obama years beginning with events like the death of Trevon Martin by the hands of a hispanic man. However, when Daron Wilson defended himself against Michael Brown, the media and police misrepresented the situation, culmulating in riots that could have been avoided. Several other false martyrs were raised, and occasionally there were wrongful deaths. People’s racism kept them from treating every person’s hashtag as an individual case. Nor did they care for rule of law in the matter. In Baltimore, the Freddie Gray trials featured a blatant instance of a social justice jury that hanged the first (black) defendant. He was charged with various homicide and reckless endangerment charges because he didn’t put a seatbelt on Freddie Gray. The rest of the defendants chose bench trials to their own acquittal. Baltimore is a worse place as a result. This led to people like Kaepernick and various rap stars perpetuating victim ideology, despite their success. This year the Grammy’s gave “This is America” Song of the Year. The song features talentless repetition of the phrase “Get your money, Black man.” This is in stark contrast to the black comedy Barbershop which lampooned the idea of reparations and even having the (arguably) most thuggish character deliver the monologue. Control the culture and you control the policy is a widely believed sequence. Well, the culture is going downhill, as evident by the Grammys and our uncultured society. Thus, this creates a breeding ground for free money policies. This would indicate that the Democrats are simply pandering to pander.

The second trend is Blexit. Donald Trump, for all his statements, won more of the black vote than Mitt Romney or John McCain. Kanye West and Chance the Rapper stated that black people do not have to vote Democrat. I’ve been largely critical of Candace Owens; however, her function in the Conservative movement is a necessary campaign to break the hegemony of the black Democrat vote. After all, the Republicans have pandered hard to Jews. Hispanics tend to vote more Republican with each generation. The confederacy of the Democrat Party if unraveled would spell the doom of the socialist movement in America. Perhaps the Democrat push for reparations is a tactical maneuver to maintain their most secure voting block. It’s very possible this hegemony is more fragile than ever but the gift of free money can forestall eventual disaster.

Final Thoughts

As for the three questions posed in the beginning, come to your own conclusion. The goal of this column was to generate consciousness as to why this policy suggestion is having an aggressive push.

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