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Guns and Crime

What happened to the wave of gun violence predicted by Democrats following release of 3D gun files?



Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) famously held up images of deadly looking plastic on July 31, 2018, proclaiming that these 3D-printed firearms would be “coming soon to a theater near you, coming soon to a school near you” once the files containing instructions for 3D-printed guns were allowed to be sold again.

Eight months later, Blumenthal’s prediction of another wave of gun violence as a result hasn’t really materialized. In fact, it hasn’t reared its ugly face at all.

Such is the case with the fearmongering by the left, especially when it comes to guns. Anything that enables Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights (and in this case, their 1st Amendment rights as well) is instantly labeled by leftists as the beginning of the end for America in one way or another. Kids bringing 3D guns to school to shoot up their classmates really hasn’t been a thing, but don’t try to call out Blumenthal or his cronies. They’ll just say it’s a matter of time, even if that time turns out to be months or years later.

John Stossel examined the hoopla surrounding 3D guns and the failed predictions by many on the left. He even surprised a few lawmakers who didn’t realize the files were readily available even now. They’re scratching their heads in amazement that the new wave of gun violence from 3D printed guns never came to pass.

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