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Kate Steinle verdict was social justice, not actual justice



Kate Steinle verdict was social justice not actual justice

OJ Simpson got away with it because of numerous persecutor errors. And now we have to live with OJ documentaries for the rest of our lives. Casey Anthony got off because damning evidence didn’t make its way to the courtroom. Both of these human errors and not the fault of the jury or justice system. So why is Kate Steinle’s killer Garcia Zarate different?

For starters, many of us don’t believe Garcia Zarate would have been acquitted of all homicide charges outside of the liberal capital of San Francisco. Involuntary manslaughter at the very least or preferably, negligent or voluntary manslaughter would have been just convictions. But for the jury to see this as a faultless accident is an unreasonable doubt towards the homicide charges. Many suspect if Garcia Zarate was a natural born citizen with the same criminal record, he would not have been given as much leeway. This was the inspiration for Kate’s Law something leftist vehemently oppose. Acquitting Zarate of homicide charges puts an arrow into the Kate’s Law movement, thus protecting illegal immigrants. This sounds like a grand conspiracy theory, but I would say its not a conspiracy and more so the result of prioritizing political agenda above the law.

A felon playing with a gun he stole and it accidentally discharges and kills someone. How is that any different than drinking and driving and killing someone. Kate Steinle was killed and the jury ruled that it was a faultless accident, almost equivalent of self defense. A person holding a gun has a duty of care to make sure it doesn’t accidentally shoot someone. If a person dies because of their negligence, that’s manslaughter. This is the danger of activist jurist.

Recent History of SJW Prosecutors and Juries

Social justice in the courts wasn’t just invented. When Darren Wilson was attacked by Michael Brown after he robbed a convenience store, he had his day in a grand jury, and they found insufficient evidence to suspect a crime took place. This is what justice looks like. However when Rick Perry was indicted for threatening to veto $7.5 million in state funds for the public integrity unit of the Travis County district attorney’s office because Rose Lehmberg was arrested for driving with an intoxication that was a suitable batting average in the MLB. This indictment was social justice and petty politics at that.

Freddie Gray was to be a big moment for social justice in the criminal justice system. The trial of Officer William Porter, a black man, in the Freddie Gray trials show us that social justice can in fact taint a jury. The jury was hung on involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct in office. This was a shameful verdict. Marilyn Mosby shamefully argued that not putting a seat belt on Freddie Gray amounted to involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment and all the other charges. The fact that the jury was split is revealed how unreliable the public could be judging this issue. Every officer after that, chose a trial by judge. Contrary to social justice warrior sentiments, that is a legal right.

From there Mosby continued with unsubstantiated claims such as rolling a stop sign amounted to a rough ride. These officers should have never been tried, at least not before the investigation was finished. Eventually all were acquitted.

The Takeaway

Historically speaking this is like how racist white juries acquitted the KKK member for killing a black man. It’s all us vs them identity politics where tribalism supersedes rule of law and civic duty. The jury for Garcia Zarate was likely full of liberals who wanted to stick it to Trump because this was a high profile politicized trial. It sounds strange to say, because this doesn’t happen a whole lot or at least succeed. People have always held strong views even when serving in jury duty. The difference is when social justice comes to play, the definitions become skewed to serve political correctness. William Porter’s trial was filled with Black Lives Matter supporters and that is exactly why it was a mistrial. Lucky for him, at least one juror had the sense to oppose the SJWs among them. Kate Steinle’s family was not so lucky.