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Why pro-abortion candidate Bill Weld is just a fundraising tool for President Trump



Why pro-abortion candidate Bill Weld is just a fundraising tool for President Trump

A puncher needs someone to punch. Now, President Trump has one if he chooses to treat former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld with any level of seriousness. That remains to be seen. It’s just as likely he’ll Tweet a few jabs and be done with him as he would actually take Weld seriously enough to make an ad.

But either way, the President’s campaign team will certainly do one thing: run fundraisers off of him.

Weld officially entered the race yesterday, and despite claims by my colleague that most #NeverTrumpers will still support the President when push comes to shove, I found more than a few on social media who were excited about the prospects of Weld taking him on. On Weld’s own Twitter feed, there were a handful of people who expressed interest in changing parties to vote for him in the primaries. Whether that means they are currently Democrats, Independents, or Libertarians (Weld was the Libertarian nominee for Vice President in 2016 before dropping out and endorsing Hillary Clinton) is unclear.

He has a track-record of fiscal conservatism, which alone gives him GOP credentials in the eyes of some. But he is staunchly pro-choice. The very notion of a pro-abortion Republican candidate for President seems obtuse in these polarized times, but if Weld thinks that’s the way to get votes, so be it.

The only thing he really has going in his favor is an ability to focus almost all of his efforts in New Hampshire. It will be the second state after Iowa to hold a vote. If Weld could somehow win there, it would demonstrate enough division within the GOP – at least in the one Libertarian-friendly state – to raise some eyebrows. Believe it or not, there’s a strategy that could work if he is able to perform well in New Hampshire, one that a strong campaign team and a good amount of money could potentially pull off.

Of course, it could all be moot. The RNC has already declared Trump will be the 2020 nominee. I’m not familiar enough to know if this is binding through primaries and caucuses, but I assume Weld did which is why he declared and has his team focusing on New Hampshire.

I am personally not a fan of President Trump, but I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat. I reached out to some associated with or directly in the Weld campaign and Tweeted at the candidate himself to get information about his stance on abortion, but so far nobody has given me a straight answer. Perhaps that’s intentional. Rather than acknowledging he’s still pro-choice, they’d rather just avoid the issue altogether.

It’s a shame, really, because I’d love to learn more from Weld or his staff about the issues. Unfortunately, his website is only a fundraising portal with a short video. As for his team, I received a single sentence reply from one adviser encouraging me to listen to Bill without actually addressing anything in my communication with him. Not very inspiring.

Weld may help the President raise money. He may end up being a thorn in the President’s side if he can make a fuss in New Hampshire. But one thing is certain: Bill Weld will never come close to being President of the United States if nobody is willing to answer the simple question about his stance on abortion.

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Why has nobody claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks?



Why has nobody claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks

There are certain hallmarks of radical Islamic terrorists. Yesterday’s attacks in Sri Lanka had most of them: the use of suicide bombers, crowded targets centered on people of Judeo-Christian faiths, coordinated timing of multiple attacks, and symbolism in the day selected for the attack. But one conspicuous hallmark was and is missing.

Nobody has claimed responsibility.

Following every major terrorist attack, the group behind the attack has sent out word to the press or through social media that they were the ones responsible. There is often a flurry among the press and law enforcement to somehow verify the claims are real, but almost invariably only one major Islamic group claims responsibility at a time.

In Sri Lanka, nobody has come forward or posted on social media that they were the culprits behind what can be assumed was a successful act of heinous terrorism committed against Christians. There may be a simple explanation. Sri Lanka is very tight-lipped in their government and legal dealings. Perhaps they received a claim of responsibility and haven’t released it. They’ve claimed they know Nations Thawahid Jaman (or possibly spelled National Thawheed Jama’ut) is responsible, but as Greg Norman at Fox News noted, they’ve offered no evidence for the claim. All we know at this point is an unknown foreign entity tipped off the Sri Lankan government a week and a half before the attacks and that Nations Thawahid Jaman was named.

Little is known about the group that emerged in 2009. To date, their only known activities have been to vandalize Buddhist temples a decade ago and participation in a minor clash in Kattankudy that hospitalized three and resulted in ten arrests. We know that 24 people have been arrested so far and the inference by Sri Lankan officials is the arrests included members of the group.

But this all brings us back to the initial question: Why have they not claimed responsibility? With around 300 dead in an attack that has shaken the world, one would assume the group would have put out a message of hatred intended to give a reason for the attack or to scare people into watching for future attacks. Terrorism isn’t committed without an agenda, but the agenda of the perpetrators of this attack remains elusive. That’s definitely not a hallmark of radical Islamic terrorism.

I’m neither suggesting that the attack wasn’t committed by jihadists nor that the Sri Lankan government is focused on the wrong group. But for an attack to be so sophisticated that many terrorism experts are claiming they had to have outside help, it’s conspicuous that nobody is taking credit. I don’t know how terrorists think or what drives their murderous ways, but history tells us when one of their attacks is this successful, it’s rarely followed by silence

Perhaps we’ll know more in the coming days. Perhaps the Sri Lankan government already knows more and isn’t sharing until they’re ready. Perhaps this is something different. At this point, all we can do is speculate.

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How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border



How exploding diaper costs demonstrate the crisis at the border

Democrats have been caught in a feedback loop for months over border security. They can’t reconcile their narrative with the reality at the border, yet they continue to repeat the same talking points for leftist media to regurgitate to the masses. But one look at the cost of diapers and other baby supplies should be enough to alert people that the border crisis is real and getting worse every day.

According to a Yuma Sector report, CBP is on track to pay over $1.2 million for diapers, formula, and other baby supplies due to the rising number of illegal immigrant and asylum-seeking migrant families crossing in the region. Last year, baby expenses totaled around $300,000, marking a cost increase that has quadrupled year-over-year.

That doesn’t take into account the multitude of families who are released to the interior where the baby expenses are paid for using other means.

The left may be able to play “hammer the narrative” by spinning the media in their favor based solely on their collective hatred for President Trump, but numbers don’t lie and neither do the CBP reports. They’ve done everything they can to ring the alarm bells, but DC continues to stick its head in the sand. There’s always a more important topic to cover. Horror stories at the border have become so commonplace that many have been desensitized to them.

Slowly but surely, the left is winning the narrative battle by making people yawn every time the border crisis is brought to their attention.

America needs to address this problem immediately. There should be nothing higher on the agenda of lawmakers on Capitol Hill than to get more agents to the border, better technology, more beds, better supplies, a wall, and better laws with fewer loopholes through which illegal aliens and asylum-seeking migrants can wiggle their way into staying in the country indefinitely without going through the proper legal channels.

It isn’t just about the exploding diaper costs, though. There’s a negative trickle down effect that’s at play here helping dangerous people cross the border unnoticed. Every agent that’s made to act like a daycare employee for migrant children is an agent who’s not stopping drug smugglers and gang members from crossing illegally in the dead of night. Every agent who’s forced to be a paperwork clerk to the masses of migrants signing up for their pass to the interior – aka waiting for an asylum hearing – is an agent who could be stopping terrorists from coming into the country to wage war against American citizens.

The border situation is so far beyond a disaster it’s impressive how neglectful the media and Democrats have been able to be. This level of denial is unprecedented in American politics. Meanwhile, our sovereignty is slipping away.

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PragerU: Is Denmark socialist?



Is Denmark socialist

Not too long ago, many socialist, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, thought the model of the future for America was Venezuela. They saw the prosperity that the oil-rich nation was enjoying in its early days of socialism and said, “That’s us. That’s where America needs to be.”

Fast forward to today and suddenly every socialist is disavowing Venezuela altogether, claiming that the model of America was never really the model they thought it was and it’s not even real socialism. Why? Because it failed. Therefore, by the socialists’ reckoning, that must mean they didn’t do it right.

Now, Denmark is suddenly the model for America’s future. But there’s a problem. Denmark is a free-market nation that has been peeling away at its socialist foundation for decades. While they enjoy some of the most robust social programs in the world, they’re doing so at such a high price that the people are left with very little other than the essentials. Yes, they have free healthcare, but more citizens are turning to private insurance to bypass the poor treatment and long wait times associated with single-payer healthcare. Yes, they have free schooling, but grade-level students are being shifted to private schools at nearly a 20% pace while the “free” college system is being taken advantage of by those who are clever enough to realize they’re better off staying in college indefinitely than graduating and being thrown into the world of working to pay for the system.

This video by PragerU’s Otto Brons-Petersen breaks down the reality of the socialist utopia leftists often point to as their beacon of hope for a failed economic and political philosophy.

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