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The Liberty Lexicon: Winning the argument with one word, Part I



The Liberty Lexicon Winning the argument with one word Part I

Framing the argument is a critical aspect of the Individualist-Right winning the virtual cold war with the Collectivist-Left.

We are in a war for the soul of the country and for freedom. At present it is a virtual cold war, with the Left is on the offensive using their inherent collectivist mindset to their advantage to try to set the terms of debate.

It is critically important to recognize that in every conflict one side will develop new tactics and weapons that will be countered and adopted by the other in order to maintain parity. Such is the case with our present situation with the Collectivist-Left using certain words to their advantage as the weapons of the virtual war. Therefore it is imperative that we of the Individualist-Right develop and use the proper words in this virtual cold war.

While this has been an ongoing project, beginning the write-up process had two inspirations. One the article Coming soon: Proper Narrative, LLC from JD Rucker. The other from Glenn Beck: You’ll be shocked how far down the communist checklist we are. That List had many an item stemming from Left’s exploitation of culture and language to further their socialist national agenda.

Words are the weapons in the virtual cold war

As previously stated, it is vitally important to use the proper weapons and tactics in any conflict. The Left has an inherent advantage in that their collectivist mindset affords them the ability use certain words and phrases across the board. The Internet is replete with videos of the repetition of one word or phrase by the National Socialist Media such as their use of the word ‘Gravitas’ or ‘Explosive’ in two infamous cases.

This is not a conspiracy per se, but merely those of ‘one mind’ in a Borg-like collectivist inclination. Listen to a group of Leftists chant one of their inane slogans and one can easily imagine them as the phrases ‘We are the Borg’ or ‘Resistance is futile’ of the Borg collective from the Star Trek genre, but with not as much vigor or coherence.

The advantage of the Socialist-Left in framing the debate

The Collectivist-Left has perfected the practice of hurling back one of their trite little phrases or words in response to certain situations or topics. This was why the ‘NPC meme’ was so devastating for them. Dealing with Leftists online in any capacity will see them using the same tactics and words to the point that they could all just be part of a software package that spews certain responses to any given situation.

The Left’s overuse of the word Racism far beyond the realm of parody is one of the prime examples. The Left has exploited that word to the point that it has been rendered meaningless. But they still use it in their weaponized language to try to win the debate. We’re all supposed to retreat to our ‘safe-space’ of one of them dares hurls the ‘racist!’ Rejoinder back at us when we unleash a devastating point against the Left.

We of the Pro-Liberty Right have a several advantages over the Collectivist-Left. We have truth, reason, logic and science on our side. They merely have a set of conflicting beliefs that cannot withstand reality. But they do have the advantage in dominating the culture, media and government indoctrination centres [Government schools]. Thus, they have an all-encompassing megaphone that makes them seem bigger and more powerful than they are. A recent study showed that the national, hard-core Far-Left socialists only form around 8% of the population.

Winning the argument with one word

The point of all of this is for those of us on the Pro-Liberty side to set up and use words to our advantage. Please understand that this not a call to move towards the Left in principles or agenda. Nor is it to use the abhorrent, juvenile tactics of the nation’s Socialist-Left.

The need is for a Lexicon in the defense of Liberty. The point being that the use of the correct words and language properly frames the debate to the advantage of the Pro-Liberty Right instead of the Collectivist-Left.

There are many examples that we will discuss in further columns, but one is the use of the word ‘Liberty’ instead of ‘gun’ in the debate over the right of self-defense. This small change turns the argument from one of inanimate objects to that of freedom. While the Collectivist-Left loves to portray themselves as being in favor of this concept, their ideology is actually the antithesis of freedom. Thus they cannot abide that they want to control Liberty, hence the reason we need to choose our words carefully.

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The myth of overturning Roe v Wade



The myth of overturning Roe v Wade

Many on the right are skeptical about opening up Roe v Wade insisting that overturning Roe v Wade will not serve Pro-Life causes because it will force the issue back on the states. In such scenarios, Alabama will be the safe haven for the unborn while New York becomes the importer for people who want to kill their babies. Even if this is the case, it is still a giant win for the pro-life side to enable entire states to ban abortion. But this is merely a literal overturn of Roe v Wade, not a practical one.

Take Brown v BOE as an example of a Supreme Court case that overturned a predecessor: Plessy v Ferguson. The Ferguson ruling maintain the theoretical notion that separate accommodations could be equal; therefore, private businesses must comply with the state’s discrimination policies. It’s a pretty bad ruling, comparable to Roe v Wade, which conjured out of nowhere a Constitutional right to an abortion. But Plessy v Ferguson was overturned by demonstrating that the black schools were inherently inferior to the white schools. So Plessy v Ferguson, was overturned by the parameters of its own ruling.

The Alabama bill defines an abortion as a murder by the practitioner. This is a different animal than what the Supreme Court has ruled on before. In this case we have multiple issues. The chief issue at play is when does personhood begin? The Supreme Court, in order to strike down the Alabama law would have to rule that an unborn child is not a person, again. Evidence has changed since the Casey ruling in biologically proving that an unborn is a human being, not a clump of cells. The pro-abortion arguments against moral personhood have gotten more extreme than viability. Arguing that a fetus is not a person is a losing argument as conception/implantation are the most logically defensible points of the transfer of moral personhood.

The next issue is who has the power to define personhood? Should the Supreme Court strike down the Alabama or the Georgia law, the Supreme Court, out of their own superfluous arrogance would, once again, assert their own jurisdiction in the realm of life. If the Supreme Court rules that a state can define where life begins, they will be denying the self-evident. But what if the Supreme Court rules that inalienable rights, in our founding documents, plainly recognize life begins at creation. In such ruling the Supreme Court would be taking a hint from the Divine, and could issue a sweeping ruling denouncing abortion everywhere.

A third issue at play: does a state have the power to write homicide statutes? The state’s ability to write criminal law is on the line in this court case to come. Alabama has placed steep penalties on the mob doctors who perform abortions. The Supreme Court, in upholding infanticide, would essentially be placing limits on the state’s ability to write criminal law as it relates to homicide. The anti-Constitutional implications of this is yet another power reserved to the states impressed upon, subject to overseeing by the federal government. This ruling would enable people who kill an unborn child and the mother to only be charged with one homicide, not two. Essentially, the law in New York will be the law of the land in a worst case scenario.

What if it fails

I would advocate that Alabama and Georgia ignore the Supreme Court, instead choosing to enforce the law which they pass. The Supreme Court does not have the power to enforce their rulings, by design. So let them try. If they do not recognize when life begins or recognize when life begins and still decree that Alabama must sanction murder, then the Supreme Court is not worth obeying.

Final Thoughts

When does personhood begin? Who has the power to define personhood? Does a state have the power to write homicide statutes? These three questions need answers, and a sweeping ruling is almost certain.

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Why Tomi Lahren’s abortion view harms American conservatism



Why Tomi Lahrens abortion view harms American conservatism

Democrats are unambiguous and united in their view of abortion. It wasn’t always this way. As recently as a decade ago, there were a good number of pro-life Democrats winning elections and expressing their views as pundits.

Today, they don’t exist.

Republicans aren’t so repulsed by the pro-abortion people in their midst. It’s understandable that as a party that’s less focused on individual issues, one can be a Republican without checking off all the various boxes. This is fine. What’s not fine is for breaks in the ranks of conservatives. There are certain things that must remain universal among those who claim to embrace conservatism, especially among those who speak for conservatives.

Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren is one of them. She claims to be a conservative, but she’s pro-choice. That fact, by itself, is understandable because the issue is a polarizing one in which people can be swayed to one side based on personal experience. It’s not like taxes which warrant universal scorn from conservatives. There are gun-toting, tax-hating, pro-choice conservatives.

But there’s a bigger problem with Lahren’s perspective. She’s not just attacking the Alabama abortion bill and pro-life perspectives in general. She’s doing so with an argument that flies in the face of reality.

Do we think government is the answer? No. In fact, one of the most appealing parts about the Alabama abortion bill is that it represents the first true opportunity for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. When it reaches the Supreme Court (and it almost certainly will) it gives us the first glimpse of how the current makeup of the court will react. In fact, the makeup of the court could actually be better if one of the left-leaning Justices retires soon.

Once Roe v. Wade is out of the way, we can finally express the truly conservative aspect of federalism that should have never been taken away – the states’ rights to determine their own healthcare laws.

If Tomi Lahren doesn’t like the abortion ban, that’s fine. Her choice. But to defend her choice by insinuating a challenge to Roe v. Wade is somehow an attack on limited-government tenets is false and harms conservatism.

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Conservative Media, we need to blacklist Trump-Russia story and move on



Conservative Media we need to blacklist Trump-Russia story and move on

To The Daily Wire, One America News, Washington Times, Blaze Media, and all others to the right of Fox News,

There was no collusion and no obstruction. It took over two years for this narrative to search under every stone and exhaust millions of dollars to, in the end, find nothing. The leftist media will not make many concessions, especially as it relates to obstruction for a crime that was not committed. We cannot as conservatives prove beyond an unreasonable doubt that Trump did not collude or obstruct. As Democrats in Congress keep the narrative on life support, the Conservative media needs to pull the plug.

The average American is fatigued by the Trump-Russia collusion/obstruction narrative. Meanwhile our effort is playing defense against a leftist narrative rather than reporting on issues both our base and the politically uninvolved care far more about. When the economy is strong and the border crisis is pressing, why is so much of our attention directed towards the soap opera clown show that takes place? Instead of countering this narrative, conservative media should starve the narrative of as much attention as possible.

An area which Conservatives have long failed, but have made great improvements towards, is controlling the narrative, the language and Overton Window of society. If we continue to counter the leftist narrative of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, we will continue to feed their power in controlling the narrative in the American political and cultural arena. Instead, let us make an effort to not only counter the narrative but set the narrative.

In our friendly rivalry as Conservative outlets, let us come together and collectively move on from the Trump-Russia story, discarding it as if it were a flat-earth conspiracy and move on.

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