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Coming soon: Proper Narrative, LLC



Coming soon Proper Narrative LLC

With the 2020 election season coming up, fundraising efforts are ramping up. Opposition research is in full swing. Even in elections where there are no declared candidates, the groundwork is being laid by many interested parties. Then, of course, there are the ongoing issues from abortion to gun rights to the border crisis. The political world is a battle over narratives. We’re ready to help build the right ones.

It’s an uphill battle when most of mainstream media is progressive. But conservatives have two huge advantages that aren’t being fully utilized. We have the ability to spread the word through intelligent use of advertising dollars. More importantly, we have the truth on our side. These are the two components to building a proper narrative – the right message and the means to get that message out to the people.

One of the biggest mistakes both conservative politicians and causes make is they focus on building their own messages. This is a big mistake because messages that are sourced directly from a campaign or organization website doesn’t have nearly the credibility of sources not affiliated with campaign or organization.

What a campaign or organization says about itself is much less credible than what others are saying about them.

This is why we are forming Proper Narrative, LLC. By combining our experience in public relations, digital marketing, and political agendas, we’ll be able to get the right message to the right people. What makes this different from other companies doing similar, basic digital advertising is we’re going to go against the grain with transparency. While nearly every company is fighting the trend of full transparency in political advertising, we’re going to embrace it. We’re proud of the messaging we’ll be putting out for clients because, as mentioned before, we’ll have the truth on our side.

Another differentiator is we’ll be using crowdfunding to allow patriots to help “boost” stories they want to reach more of the public. It can be shocking to many to learn we can take an article from other sites or our own and get it exposed to tens of thousands of people for less than $100. This makes even small transactions by interested patriots very powerful. Let’s say someone reads an article on DailyWire they want exposed to more people, or even specific people, they can pay for the added exposure.

But there’s another element that must be explored. Conservative content producers are having a difficult time monetizing. If we can combine proper crowdfunding with actual fundraising that can be used to encourage conservative content creators to keep doing what they’re doing or more.

That’s a quick overview. Specifics will be coming soon.

Conservatives have one piece of the public relations puzzle nailed: We have the truth on our side. Our new venture will work on the second aspect: Getting the conservative truth out to the masses. In essence, our job will be to educate.

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