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A second Christopher Columbus statue gets vandalized in Manhattan



For the second time in two weeks, a statue of Christopher Columbus was vandalized. This time, though, the culprit was caught. Pink handed.

Another Christopher Columbus statue gets vandalized in NYC | New York Post[Daniel] Kimery was observed by police “using colored nail polish to paint the left hand of Christopher Columbus’s iron portrait at the foot of Columbus statue,” police said in a report. Police found the pink nail polish in his pocket.

Kimery, who is homeless and originally from Hot Springs, Ariz., told police officers that the pink represented “the blood on the Italian explorer’s hands,” police sources said.


Around 10pm Saturday night, New York Police Department officers apprehended Daniel Kimery while he was on the statue in Columbus Circle trying to paint its hands with pink nail polish. Kimery, who already has 13 prior arrests, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for the attack.

Two weeks ago, in a pre-dawn vandalism attack, a smaller statue of Christopher Columbus was tagged with graffiti messages and its hands were painted red. That very same night, local Marxists held a protest at the foot of the larger Columbus statue, which the nail polish attacker climbed this past weekend.

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