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A typical New York night: Marxists protest Columbus statue and nobody notices



In the wake of the spray paint vandalism of a historic statue of Christopher Columbus in New York’s Central Park before dawn Tuesday, reported first by, various fringe Marxist groups promised a protest — or worse — at a larger statue of Columbus Tuesday night at the middle of Columbus Circle at the park’s southwestern corner.

But at the scheduled protest time of 6:30 pm, New York City police were present, and barricades surrounded the Columbus statue.

Protesters re-convened across the street from the statue, in front of CNN’s New York headquarters. About 40 scrungy, scruffy middle-aged protestors held signs touting the Workers World Party, Black Lives Matter and People’s Power Assemblies.

There was one counterprotestor, holding a “Stand With Columbus” sign (notice what his shirt said, that didn’t help much).

Photo credit: Eric Dixon / The New Americana

Meanwhile, police officials said a search for the statue vandals was underway.

The statue attack is believed to have occurred in the early morning hours before sunrise. A Central Park Conservatory official said the spray paint and regular red paint used on the statue’s hands was “still sticky” when the damage was discovered.

Photo credit: Eric Dixon / The New Americana

Antifa groups descended upon the statue.

Several television crews were also on the scene before 6:00 pm in anticipation of the announced 6:30 pm protest.

“Trump, cops and Ku Klux Klan, all of them go hand in hand”

“Smash white supremacy”

These were among the printable chants of about 40 protestors tonight.

Protestors from various Far Left fringe groups were outnumbered by press and police.

Meanwhile, thousands of shoppers and tourists passed by or entered the shopping mall at Time Warner Center, many looking into smartphone screens or in conversation.

In other words: A typical night in New York.

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