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The Democrats’ best hope, Joe Sestak, has ended his presidential bid



The Democrats best hope Joe Sestak has ended his presidential bid

This may come as a shock to a couple of Americans, but former Congressman Joe Sestak has ended his presidential bid. He ended his campaign for the Democratic nominee for president to the collective sigh of, “Who?” But even though he was unable to garner national, state, or local attention to his campaign, he was the Democrats’ best hope for defeating President Trump. Why? Because he was so far below the radar, voters didn’t have a chance to get to know him. As we’ve seen with the other candidates, the more voters learn about them, the more they dislike him.

More people are now searching for Sestak following his announcement than they did when he was still running for President. News reports are coming forward to correct errors of omission from the past as they announce for the first time his presidential run followed by a not that he’s ending it.

Whatever the future holds for the Democratic Party, it’s a sad day when they abandon their only hope to beat President Trump. At least it’s sad for them. It’s also sad for satire that I don’t write it very often because I’m not very good at it.

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