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Rob Reiner’s obsession with impeaching President Trump is unhealthy



Rob Reiners obsession with impeaching President Trump is unhealthy

It would be unfair for me to say I will be boycotting all Rob Reiner films, as good as many of them were, because I’m actually boycotting most Hollywood garbage. I will still watch media that features patriots like Clint Eastwood, Kristy Swanson, Tim Allen, Jon Voight, and Dean Cain, but leftist Hollywood is dead to me. It hurts me to say that as I’m a huge fan of movies and television, but as our EIC pointed out long ago, the vast majority of actors, directors, and produces we pay money to see will give part of that money to fight American freedom by supporting Democratic candidates and progressive causes. We’re participating in their singular political machinations every time we go to the movies or watch Netflix.

Reiner is quickly emerging as the most prominent Hollywood voice when it comes to attacking the President. That says a lot when we consider how many in Tinseltown spend portions of their days complaining, Tweeting, or painting vitriol about the President, the GOP, conservatives, and Christians. But Reiner’s obsession is focused. He doesn’t take a break; the last day he didn’t Tweet an attack against President Trump was October 10. Moreover, he doesn’t talk about anything else. George Takei mixes in politics with his self-promotion of Star Trek memorabilia and Amazon trinkets, and will go days without mentioning the President. Alyssa Milano is extremely active on Twitter, but she often discusses her charitable work or highlights inspirational stories. Reiner posts about one topic. Every day.

It’s clear he isn’t doing it all in passing, either. Even though the frequency of his posts is relatively low at around one to three per day, he’s combing through Twitter constantly. We can see this in his Twitter Likes which are much more frequent and spread throughout the day and night. We can also tell by the detail and effort he puts into each individual Tweet that he’s not a victim of Twitter whimsy. He is calculating with his wording, diversifying attack angles and sharing his thoughts only at high-volume times during the day. Every day.

There’s a method to his madness. He’s not just spreading random hatred like Joy Behar or Bette Midler. He has a very distinct strategy with his Tweets. Often, he tries to appeal to the conscience of the Republican Party, mixing in direct attacks to shame people into breaking from President Trump.

He will occasionally appeal to Republicans by invoking GOP critics such as Mitt Romney, George Conway, Justin Amash, and Bill Kristol, calling on other “sensible” Republicans to speak out against the President. But his main focus is on convincing people there is plenty of evidence for impeachment. Unfortunately for him, his arguments lack sincerity because like many radical progressives, he’s been saying there is evidence to impeach the President for over a year. It’s disingenuous of him to speak of impeachment as a sudden topic of interest because he’s been obsessing about if for a very long time.

We can be like Swanson, our EIC, and others who call Reiner out for his lunacy. Or we can just ignore him. Either way, he may need someone to check in on him regularly after President Trump wins reelection. He’ll be devastated.

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