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MSNBC shows white supremacist Richard Spencer’s image during story about ousted Navy Secretary of the same name



You could say MSNBC got their Richards crossed. MSNBC was doing a story about fired Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. Unfortunately, there’s another Richard Spencer who is also prominent in their Google image searches. The alt-right white supremacist of Charlottesville infamy’s image popped up and was used on the AM Joy on MSNBC with host Joy-Anne Reid.

Former Navy Secretary Spencer was removed from the White House by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper for breaking chain of command and going over his head as he tried to work out a deal with the administration over how to dispose of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who the President pardoned. Secretary Spencer wrote an op-ed that progressive mainstream media has latched onto in the quest to paint the President as being in conflict with the military he commands.

In their zeal, they forgot the first rule of journalism: Get the pictures and videos right. This type of sloppy reporting would be comical if it wasn’t so rampant. In October, ABC News reported a falsified video purporting to be Turkish forces attacking a Syrian town. They ran the clip multiple times before it was revealed the footage came from a gun range in Kentucky. Then, the same network had to defend its decision to kill a story about Jeffrey Epstein that allegedly had dirt on President Clinton. The story would have run during the 2016 election had it not been quashed.

Richard Spencer MSNBC

AM Joy issued a correction and an apology:

This is just further proof mainstream media needs challengers from independent media to rise in prominence. We often call for donations to help us achieve this goal. Now is one of those times.

The saddest part about progressive mainstream media’s agenda of destroying the presidency is that in their zeal, they have a penchant for being extremely sloppy. Fake news is bad enough when they aren’t making rookie mistakes.

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