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The video of Michael Bloomberg talking about taxing poor people for their own good is priceless



One of the biggest problems with many Democratic lawmakers is they believe their superior understanding of the world is necessary to invoke on others in order to protect them from themselves. In their worldview, there are the sensible progressive elites and then there is everyone else. The latter is far too simple-minded to make our own decisions We require mandates, rules, and laws to guide us to do the right thing. Without their authoritarian rule, we’ll just die off like the senseless animals they think we are.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg took this premise to the world stage to discuss taxing the poor. He believes the poor must be taxed higher in order to help them live longer. Seriously. As an example, he used his infamous soda tax that financially punished those of us who enjoy imbibing sugary carbonated drinks. He is correct in saying they aren’t good for us. He’s incorrect in saying it’s any of his or the government’s business mandating cuts to soda consumption through their “benevolent” taxes.

The thought that poor people are too stupid to make their own decisions is the force behind the Democrats’ authoritarian ideology. They embrace the nanny state because they believe we all need their sensibilities imposed on us. Without their nanny policies, we’re a lost species who will die faster and enjoy life less. It’s an absurd and conceited perspective, but their ego prevents them from seeing the insults they deliver. Unfortunately, the radical progressives who demand nannies for themselves and others will hear Bloomberg’s words and nod enthusiastically.

The 2020 nomination race for the Democrats is shaping up to be a race to avoid the bottom. Nobody is inspiring mass passionate support which is why Bloomberg claims he entered the race in the first place. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the “moderate” frontrunner by default. His competitor in the “moderate” lane, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, has failed miserably at inspiring minority voters. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have passion in their base, but it’s not big enough to easily secure the nomination and Bloomberg wouldn’t want them to even if they could.

All of this adds up to one conclusion: Democrats don’t have anyone who can unite them at this point. Perhaps someone will start resonating in the future, but right now it seems like Sanders may be the only candidate with a solid base, one that is likely too small to secure him a victory. Everyone else is searching for passion to back their run but are only finding failure, Bloomberg included.

Nobody is going to win the nomination. It’s going to go to whoever loses it the least. Bloomberg hopes to be that person, but will his message of “you’re too stupid to think for yourself” resonate with the left? Yes, actually. It probably will.

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