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Kamala Harris is in fourth place… in California



Kamala Harris is in fourth place in California

There’s a basic requirement for potential presidential nominees. It’s expected they can deliver a victory in their home state. The people who voted for them to be in one office should be open to them taking on a higher office. But for Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), she’s struggling to barely maintain double-digits in the most recent California poll. She’s currently in fourth place, just a couple of points ahead of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and far behind former Vice President Joe Biden, who is the frontrunner.

What makes it worse is that she’s behind fellow radical progressive Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who are both from the east coast. At 10%, she wouldn’t qualify to receive a single delegate if the latest SurveyUSA poll reflected how people voted during the primary. Candidates must receive 15% of the vote to qualify for delegates.

Poll: Cooking Kamala Fails to Break into Top Tier in Home State California again, Harris failed to crack into the top tier of candidates in her home state, virtually tying with Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) for fourth place with 10 percent and eight percent, respectively. The +/- 4.8 percent margin of error puts the two at a statistical tie.

Andrew Yang trailed with five percent support, followed by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Michael Bloomberg (D), and Tom Steyer (D) – all of whom saw three percent support. The remaining candidates garnered two percent support or less.

The poll reflects Harris’s ongoing battle to garner support both nationally and in key states, including her own. While she has pledged to go “all-in” on Iowa, she has failed to crack into the top tier in the Hawkeye State, seeing just 3.3 percent support. Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics’ California average shows the presidential hopeful with just 8.7 percent support.

Harris has struggled since her early surge following the first debate in which she successfully attacked Biden. But as I noted five months ago following the debate, she peaked too soon by playing her victim card first. Had she held it until a later debate, she would likely be doing much better. Why? Because she drew interest to herself before her policy proposals were clear. At that point, she was still waffling on healthcare and other issues important to radicals. Progressives took a look at her following the debate and found her wanting.

Does this mean her candidacy is dead? Probably. She fired much of her core team and began focusing on Iowa. This is a desperation move, a money move, that failing candidates often make in order to draw the fundraising bump they so desperately need by scoring well in the Iowa caucus. It’s a strategy that has never actually worked for an eventual nominee, but it helped Governor Mike Huckabee stay in the race much longer than had he lost Iowa in 2008. However, it’s unlikely Harris will duplicate Huckabee’s success. She is currently failing to break 4% in Iowa.

One of her biggest issues that her team has likely identified is likability. She doesn’t have it. To fight this, they’ve put out many videos and highlighted stories that make her seem more humble and down-to-earth. It’s similar to what Warren did early on with videos from her kitchen, but Harris is more involved in the cooking aspect. She was especially busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s too early to know if this tactic is working, but it’s unlikely to bridge the massive gap she’ll need to cross if she’s going to remain in the race until February with four states up for grabs. She’s also still getting bad news trickling in, perhaps as a last gasp from the press before her eventual departure from the race.

If she’s struggling in her home state, she doesn’t really need to be in the race. Perhaps she’s just trying to stay in as long as possible to try to appeal to be someone’s VP choice. We can probably mark Biden off the potential list.

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