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Facebook suspends pastor for mild objection to transgender athlete



Facebook suspends pastor for mild objection to transgender athlete

Hate speech. It’s rampant, according to radical progressives and Big Tech. It’s getting to the point that if you say anything, even factual observations, about the LGBTQ community in general and transgenderism in particular, you run the risk of being purged, silenced, or censored. This week, Pastor Ken Peters from The Church at Planned Parenthood in Washington experienced this for himself on Facebook when he made what can only be considered a mild objection to a Australian transgender athlete who poses a real danger to the actual females with which he/she plays.

Referring to the image above, Peters pointed out: “Number 6 is a guy who thinks he is a girl… Kind of an advantage in sports. The earth is better when we follow the Bible.”

Hannah Mouncey is 6’2″ and weighs 220 lbs. As an Australian handball player, he/she plays with and against females who are much smaller, slower, and physically weaker. It’s a contact sport, and while it may not be hockey or rugby, the players do get physical as they vie for the ball. Even Mouncey’s hands are a huge advantage; the sport is played by holding a medium-sized ball in the hand and throwing it into a goal.

“This is nothing but the left doing its best to force us to accept the LGBTQ as the new normal,” Peters told NOQ Report. “If one states the Bible as the right viewpoint on gender and righteousness it is considered derogatory.”

His suspension definitely prompts the question of whether he was suspended for saying “a guy who thinks he is a girl” or if his invocation of a Biblical worldview was the real strike against his post. Hannah, formerly Callum, is a biological male who suffers from gender dysphoria. Scientifically, he’s a guy who thinks he’s a girl. But in our leftist-dominated society that is growing more “progressive” every day, speaking the truth is anathema when it happens to pertain to transgenderism. Invoking the Bible was likely just the cherry on top for a triggered Facebook moderator to pass immoral judgment against Peters’s post.

As long as Big Tech continues to be run by social justice warriors opposed as adamantly to science as they are to the Bible, conservatives and Christians will be targeted for our beliefs. This is the post-truth society manifesting before us.

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