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Liberty control fail: Two people killed, several injured in a stabbing attack on London Bridge



Liberty control fail Two people killed several injured in a stabbing attack on London Bridge

Once again we see that restrictions on liberty only serve to endanger the innocent.

Police shot a man after he went on a rampage stabbing several people on London Bridge on Friday. Latest reports from the Associated Press are that the suspect is dead. The Metropolitan Police have declared the stabbings and shooting to a “terrorist incident”.

The BBC reported that two were killed in the stabbing attack:

Two members of the public have died after a stabbing attack at London Bridge, in which police also shot dead the suspect.

The Met Police has declared the attack a terrorist incident.

The suspect, who died at the scene, was believed to have been wearing a hoax explosive device, police said.

Videos on social media appear to show passers-by holding down a man. An officer arrives, seems to indicate to the group to move, and fires a shot.

The Times reported last year that London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge

Another failure of liberty control.

This took place in an area with heavy restrictions on liberty, aptly proving that these only serve to endanger the innocent while empowering the criminals, terrorists and the government. The incessant call from the liberty grabber left is that we need to give up more and more freedom to gain a modicum of security and it never works. Instead of trying something else, the demand from the authoritarian leftists is that we sacrifice even more liberty in a never-ending cycle that only makes things worse.

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