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Preemptive spin ahead of IG report is why mainstream media cannot be trusted



Preemptive spin ahead of IG report is why mainstream media cannot be trusted

Every major media outlet is using a very common tactic. It hasn’t always been common in the United States, but state-run news agencies around the world working for authoritarian regimes have practiced this technique since the dawn of the internet. The difference here is that the news agencies aren’t working for an authoritarian regime. They’re working against a properly elected administration and the man who leads it, a man whom they hate.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report is due out on December 9. In preparation, mainstream media is using a technique that has many names, but the gist of it is this: State a false premise in the headline, then try to prove the premise as best they can in the text while acknowledging they’re actually incorrect somewhere near the bottom of a long story. This technique is designed for the internet age in which the vast majority of news consumers do not read all the way through a long article. We tend to keep our articles shorter for this reason. We want to get the whole truth out there as succinctly as possible so our readers can draw their own conclusions.

The spin this time is clear: FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign. Except, they did. The draft IG report clearly demonstrates they used nefarious and politically motivated techniques, loopholes, and outright lies to secure the necessary go-ahead for their spying mission. They used a single low-level FBI lawyer as a scapegoat to protect the higher-ups in the “Deep State,” but the entire operation was coordinated with the understanding that they all believed then-candidate Trump was a threat and Hillary Clinton needed to be aided in her campaign.

The Latest NYT Spin of DOJ IG Report on Alleged Obama-Era FISA Abuses Is Downright Pathetic F.B.I. did have an undercover agent who posed as Mr. Halper’s assistant during a London meeting with Mr. Papadopoulos in August 2016. And indeed, another Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, reportedly pushed Mr. Halper for an ambassadorship in the Trump administration.

Yeah, that’s spying, or as WMAL radio host and Washington Times columnist Larry O’Connor put it, “He wasn’t a spy…. he was hired by the FBI to secretly engage in conversations under false pretenses and then report back whatever he learned in those conversations.”

Media spinsters at the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, and others are hoping we’ll all forget everything that led up to this report. They don’t want us to remember the obvious anti-Trump and/or pro-Clinton actions taken by former FBI bigwig Peter Strzok. They want us to pretend like James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, and others were completely unbiased and didn’t do what they thought was necessary to maintain the Deep State stranglehold on foreign affairs and certain domestic issues, a stranglehold Clinton would have gleefully allowed to continue.

Democratic and Deep State enablers in mainstream media want us to view the IG report in a bubble. Then they want us to see the bubble through the lens they put forth for us, a lens that paints the report as exonerating the FBI, CIA, and other agencies from accusations by the President. But they did spy. The report makes that clear.

How is the media spinning it to seem like there was no spying on the campaign? It’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence once we know the truth. They say the FBI was investigating people within the Trump campaign who were working on behalf of the campaign… but they weren’t investigating the campaign itself. It’s like the annoying middle school kid who puts his finger an inch away from your face, then becomes indignant when you tell him to stop. “I’m not touching you,” he says.

Technically speaking, the FBI did not investigate the campaign itself by engaging in activities that would be clear violations of the law based on the thin evidence they had. They didn’t wiretap Trump campaign headquarters. They didn’t insert a spy directly into the campaign to report back to the Clinton campaign. They didn’t hack into candidate Trump’s emails. But they did execute surveillance and wiretaps on members of the campaign doing campaign business. They did introduce undercover agents to campaign officials to feed them information that could be used against the campaign. They did attempt to entrap members of the campaign through a web of lies.

In other words, the only reason they didn’t technically spy on the campaign is because they couldn’t get anyone to do anything illegal that could prompt the next stage of their investigation. It is clear from the IG draft report they wanted to get into the Trump campaign but couldn’t find a valid reason to do so. Why? Because the campaign didn’t do anything wrong despite the FBI’s attempts to make them do so.

It’s not that they didn’t try to spy on the campaign. They simply failed at it. That should concern every American as it demonstrates the law enforcement and intelligence wings of the federal government were acting based on political bias, not based on their mandates. This bias drove them to try to fit the Trump campaign into a mandate that would have allowed them to dig deeper and influence the elections. Thankfully, the campaign didn’t take the bait.

How the media is spinning it all is outrageous. They aren’t telling the truth, which is the FBI tried and failed to spy on the Trump campaign. They’re skimming right past the efforts and focusing on the end results. The motives were clear and their failure is the real story, but the media is playing it like this is a case of “no harm, no foul.” This is just another reason truthful media like NOQ Report desperately needs your financial support to help us fight the lies of leftist mainstream media.

Here’s a quick analogy to break down how the media is reporting this. Imagine Bob Smith takes a knife and attacks John Doe. Bob gets in a few slices on John but nothing life-threatening before John is able to fight Bob and make him run away. The police show up and document everything. Reading the police report, the media’s headline reads, “Report reveals Bob Smith did not kill John Doe.” That’s the media’s spin on the IG report in a nutshell.

If the FBI spied on members of the campaign and their work on behalf of the campaign, that is literally spying on the campaign. Mainstream media’s spin is based on tenuous technicalities. They’re controlling the language before the truth comes out.

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