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DNC War Room hits Trump on family separation… using 2015 statistics



DNC War Room hits Trump on family separation using 2015 statistics

You should be outraged by the “disgusting results” of President Trump’s family separation policy, according to the official “DNC War Room.” It’s his policies that catapulted the United States to lead the world in children detentions, a “fact” that they derived from a United Nations’ study reported by Reuters. But there’s an unfortunate reality they didn’t mention in their now-deleted Tweet.

DNC War Room

As is often the case when mainstream media tries to do the Democrats’ bidding, an important aspect of their statistic was left out in the original Tweet. The study being cited is from 2015 when President Obama was incarcerating children, long before President Trump took his place in the Oval Office. Reuters caught the “error” and withdrew the story, but not before it was picked up by dozens of major news outlets, including the NY Times:

U.S. Has World’s Highest Rate of Children in Detention: U.N. Study“The United States is one of the countries with the highest numbers – we still have more than 100,000 children in migration-related detention in the (U.S.),” Nowak told a news briefing.

“Of course separating children, as was done by the Trump administration, from their parents and even small children at the Mexican-U.S. border is absolutely prohibited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. I would call it inhuman treatment for both the parents and the children.”

There was no immediate reaction from U.S. authorities. Novak said U.S. officials had not replied to his questionnaire sent to all countries.


As more Americans realize Democrats are pulling the strings for mainstream media as the two combine to establish a perpetual atmosphere in which fake news rules the cycle, stories like these keep popping up before being corrected or retracted. The problem with corrections and retractions is they happen long after the fact – often days later – and only after the original false reporting had already been seen and absorbed by hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans. Between Reuters and the NY Times alone, it’s hard to tell how many Americans now believe President Trump’s policies are to blame for one of President Obama’s more embarrassing realities.

As of publication of this article, the NY Times still has the story live with no retractions or corrections, including unambiguous blaming of the problem on President Trump.

If you were expecting the DNC War Room to issue an apology for blaming President Trump for President Obama’s actions, you’ll be disappointed. Their lies continue unabated and the only remorse they feel is about getting caught.

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