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Suppression of ‘Adam Ciaramella’ is actually just an excuse to suppress conservatives



Oh, how Big Tech has become such a parody of itself. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube were built to be places for people to freely express themselves, but those freedoms have been systematically removed and replaced by speech regulated by progressive sensibilities. Take, for example, the video above by LaCorte News. He experienced a stage just beyond what we experienced when Facebook took down eight of our posts and threatened to unpublish our page.

The DID unpublish LaCorte News’ various pages that combined had 3.4 million likes.

If Facebook and YouTube (and now Twitter) so concerned about the whistleblower’s name being revealed (though it already has been revealed millions of times and even at least once by Adam Schiff) to the point that even saying Eric Ciaramella’s name will get you banned, then there’s a major disconnect. They’ve allowed actual violence to be on their platforms for extended periods of time. They often do nothing when actual threats are named. They even act as platforms for hate groups and terrorist organizations to engage and recruit. What makes Ciaramella so special?

The answer is worse than just being obtuse. They know two things:

  1. Any pages or channels who mention Eric Ciaramella by name will invariably be right-leaning, conspiratorial, or both
  2. Banning people or pages over Eric Ciaramella will not draw backlash from anyone in mainstream media

This is a perfect cocktail for Facebook and YouTube to get rid of some “deplorables” with loose justification and no chance for blowback. This isn’t about protecting a whistleblower. It’s about using him as an excuse for a purge.

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