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5 reasons why the Schiff show will hurt the Democrats’ case for impeachment



5 reasons why the Schiff show will hurt the Democrats case for impeachment

Soon, America is going to be giving a full dose of House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff. It’s not going to go well for the Democrats. Schiff is trying to sell a fundamentally flawed impeachment narrative and so far he’s been relatively successful doing it because the media is all on board with the Democrats’ agenda. But now that it goes public, things are about to change.

The President often calls impeachment the “Schiff show” with clear references to his name sounding close to the expletive referring to feces. We tend not to engage in such petty jabs, but the last few weeks have made us more open to it. If anyone deserves a Trump nickname, it’s Adam Schiff.

Here are five reason this public phase of the impeachment inquiry is not going to go well for the Democrats.

Adam Schiff is not watchable

He’s persnickety, and not in a good way. One does not get to be the chair of a powerful committee because of their innate charisma or entertainment value, and Adam Schiff is especially deficient in both categories. That’s why he’s perfect for closed door hearings. He’s ideal when people can hear the short version from pundits. But he’s a lost cause when trying to convince people directly with his questioning and combative style of ruling over his committee.

Most who watch for an hour will never watch again

Let’s say you’re one of those dedicated politically minded Americans who can overcome the urge to turn off Adam Schiff and binge on Jack Ryan, season 2 instead. You’re a trooper who is truly interested in getting to the bottom of this whole Ukraine scandal. I’m sorry to be the one to burst your bubble but you’re not going to be treated to earth-shattering evidence, smoking guns, or anything that resembles a breakthrough in the impeachment case. This is an inquiry into nuances. It’s a case study in trying to determine the motivation of this person or that person based on third person testimony told in second person with the knowledge of a fifth person rumor.

The more you force yourself to watch it, the more pain you’ll endure. Before an anti-Trump operative chimes in and says I’m hoping to dissuade people from watching it, I’m not. The exact opposite is true. I’m very hopeful that people will watch it instead of getting the short version from progressive mainstream media. I’m simply warning them to prepare themselves for a bunch of nothingburgers, and that’s the point. If they watch the hearings and then compare them to the overblown reports from pundits later, they’ll wonder if they were watching the same, boring exercise in futility that the rest of us watched.

The redundancy will be redundant

The Democrats’ best play is to accumulate numbers. They need to be able to say X number of people believe their was quid pro quo (or, as the narrative now goes, “bribery”) and X number of statements came to the same conclusion about Rudy Giuliani, the aid shipments, the Burisma investigation, or any other components of the Democrats’ impeachment case. Since they cannot come up with anything concrete, they’re left with innuendo.

The only way to make innuendo play is to say enough people believed the innuendo, therefore it must be more. They will be redundant for a reason, and oddly enough it’s not to retain interest in the hearings themselves. In fact, they WANT people to turn it off. They’d prefer the people get the condensed, biased version from their mainstream media puppets rather than hear it all for themselves.

Republicans will either get stifled or eat the witnesses alive

If enough people can watch this, the tide will turn in favor of Republicans. Why? Because they’re positioned to be in a win-win situation if they play their cards right. They need to ask pressing question that challenge not only the narrative but the credibility of the people delivering it. To do that, they’ll need to be very aggressive. They have an opportunity to be the entertaining portion of the hearings by being contrary and asking very challenging questions of the witnesses.

Will Adam Schiff allow it? Probably not. If he does, the Republicans will win over hearts and minds. If he doesn’t allow it, he will be obstructing a proper defense delivered by Republicans, in which case he’ll still lose hearts and minds. So he has a choice: Allow Republicans to win hearts and minds or take action that will make Democrats lose hearts and minds. There’s really no other option as long as Republicans are prepared to take it to the witnesses hard.

The case is fundamentally flawed

The worst-case scenario for Democrats is if the actual details of the entire Ukrainian situation is covered by the press. Thus far, mainstream media has intentionally avoided certain facts that the Republicans laid out in an internal memo:

  • The July 25 call summary — the best evidence of the conversation — shows no conditionality or evidence of pressure;
  • President Zelensky and President Trump have both said there was no pressure on the call;
  • The Ukrainian government was not aware of a hold on U.S. security assistance at the time of the July 25 call; and
  • President Trump met with President Zelensky and U.S. security assistance flowed to Ukraine in September 2019 — both of which occurred without Ukraine investigating President Trump’s political rivals.”

As long as Republicans can make these points, then Americans will start scratching their heads about why the Democrats even think they have a case at all. The reason for this is simple. They don’t have a case, but they have the media behind them so they feel emboldened to push their false narrative.

The more Americans get to see Adam Schiff in action trying to make a case against President Trump, the less likely they are to support impeachment. All the Democrats have is mainstream media pushing a narrative that the public will realize is false.

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